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Case Study 2: Lights, Cameras & Zero Vision Smoke Warehouse Security

You Are Serious About Your Inventory. We Are Too.

We have spent the last 6 years shipping over £15 million worth of products for business owners without a single incident. Here's our recent security updates. 

Learn About Our Core Value In Security

Starting Situation

Since 2016, we have never had any security theft or experienced any damage at all. However we have never taken security of inventory in our control for granted. We are vigilant and carry out security reviews every year. Here's what we have done this year.   

Ending Improvement

After reviewing our systems, we have introduced the UK and EU leading security system Verisure which has now resulted in 24 / 7 monitoring with protection measures such as cameras, photograph, sounders and even zero vision smoke. 

When A Business Owner Decides To Use A Prep Service For Business, Security Should Not Be Overlooked. 

Usually the cost of joining a Prep Service is the first element considered when making a decision and we certainly understand that. However we must never over look the systems and processes that a Prep Service uses to look after your inventory. You are spending potentially thousands of pounds or dollars which must be respected. 

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Security & Safety Update 2020

Since 2016, we have never had an issues when it comes to Security & Safety of our Partners products within our operations. We have never taken this lightly and every year carry out a security update and check to ensure we are doing everything we can to continue being vigilant. Over the years, we have invested and put all measures in place which includes the following:

Security Cameras.

We have 5 security cameras in and around the warehouse (some cloud based, some hard drive) recording 24/7. Cloud based camera having security light and sounder.

Motion Detection Alarm.

All corners of the warehouse, office, there is motion detection.

Visual Deterrent Signs.

Warning signs all around the warehouse and back.

Roller shutter anti-ram steel blocks.

These posts are 1m into the ground and will not move 1 inch.

Systemise Fulfilment

This year we have introduced the leading UK and EU Verisure Security System.

This system has the ability to stop any intruder within 45 seconds of unwanted entry by the following:

  1. Anti vibration sensors on all entry points. If anything moves more than it should, it triggers an alert system.

  2. Multi-shot photography. When vibration is triggered, multiple photos are taken through the warehouse to start gathering evidence immediately.

  3. 24/7 security center. We are connected to a 24 / 7 manned security centre which monitors the above and immediately acts if anything unwanted starts. Calling the police has already begun.

  4. If intruders make it inside, we now have a ZeroVision Smoke System which is triggered by the security call centre. The warehouse will be covered in smoke within 60 seconds making Vision at a Zero. This smoke is 100% clean and unharmful to people or products. No damage will occur.

Industry Leader In Security 

By joining our service, you can rest assured that we are at the cutting edge of security systems for your business. We take this extremely serious and we want to share our values with you so you know you have a trusted and secure partner for your business. 

Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment

Here's What Fernando Said About Systemise Fulfilment UK

I've been selling on Amazon FBA since April 2017, having tried different prep services across the UK I can say Systemise Fulfilment UK is BY FAR the best in the country.

Communication is extremely good, prices are really competitive and they have an amazing and motivated team working super hard every day.

They deeply understand the Amazon FBA policies and, rest assured, your products are correctly prepped following amazon standards. They even spot errors/potential issues with your products and notice you before sending, they've saved us from getting in trouble many times, that is simply invaluable.

I'm a platinum member and all my products are in and out under 24 hours! Imagine you buy on Monday, get delivered on Tuesday, prepped and shipped the same Tuesday and then available on amazon before Friday, sometimes Wednesday, the positive impact this had in our business has been incredible.

As part of the platinum membership we have access to a sourcing list which just by the products we buy from the list, that pays for the platinum subscription which becomes virtually free.

We are now able to ship over 5 times the units we were shipping before working with them and excited to see where we go, these guys have a HUGE capacity, I don't understand how they can process so much and so quickly! Very impressed, you guys smash it.

I've had the opportunity to be in the warehouse and meet them personally and I'm very impressed by the systems and how professional they are.

Thank you Kevin, Kylie, Kayleigh, Siobhan and everyone in the team. I wish we keep working together for years to come!

The Ending Success

We continue to maintain our 100% security record without any concern or incident. We are vigilant every day with a mature team and a great industrial park neighbour watch where we work with other businesses to ensure the safety for our customers, clients and partners. 

You Can Join Our Service Assured That We Take Security Seriously. 

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