"And that was the moment when the ignition personally started. For me it was the threshold, flashpoint, I'm heading down that direction, but on the path there are things happening in life and taking massive action was born. Game changing. Absolutely game changing to me. And you are looking for an opportunity, an opportunity to allow you to get what you actually."


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Today I am super excited to share with you episode one of the Freedom Systems podcast. This is a brand new podcast that I'm really, really excited to host and go on this journey with you. It's gonna be an epic adventure. We are really gonna go on a hero's journey. So to start with, I want to give a little bit of a background to what this ultimately is, what the vision ultimately is of this podcast.

So we started back in 2015 and we started our entrepreneurship journey and it was all to do a based around wanting to achieve freedom. And be free from career start building online businesses. And there's two topics that have always, always, fundamentally at our, our core believed in. Number one is taking massive action every day, taking massive action wherever you are, whatever goals that you have, whatever situation that you find yourself in, wherever you find yourself.

having the courage, the grit, the determination, the hunger, the tenacity to go against the odds and build the life that you want. And number two, I've always believed in systems. I've always believed in as we go on our journey, taking massive action, building our online business. . It's all fundamentally based around systems.

The two topics, massive action systems will ultimately equal, in my opinion, freedom. And that is what I really want to dig deeper into, and I really want to unpack. Go beneath the surface. If you imagine an iceberg, That is just the tip of the iceberg Freedom massive action systems, but really dig down deeper and, and uncover and unpack this.

So we're gonna cover so many different things as we embark on this journey together. Number one. We're gonna have lots of great topics that we're gonna discuss. We're gonna pick a topic and we're going to deep dive into that particular topic. We're gonna discuss that topic. We're gonna peel back the layers of the onion of that topic, and number two, We're gonna have some great guests that come on.

I'm gonna be inviting lots of great people to come on and, and, and share their stories within these topics and what they're experiencing, what they've done, what they've built, what they've created, what they've overcome. We're also going to talk a little bit about. Everyday, um, things that are coming up and, and sharing topics on what that ultimately means for our businesses, the things that are happening in today's world, and being able to be up to date with the current affairs and, and sharing my thoughts on what I think of this particular thing or that particular thing.

So we're gonna cover some topics that we've potentially never re discussed. Which I'm super excited to do, and ultimately this as our first milestone. The first milestone that we are gonna be working towards and building through, which I'm super excited to share, is my third block. This is going to be my third book that I am so excited to write.

I have already started writing, and this podcast gives us the opportunity to have, share those ideas, get feedback. Just last night we, um, had one of our mastermind calls and our sh was sharing one of the first ideas of. Uh, the topics that I'm gonna share a little bit shortly within this podcast and the feedback was, it was really engaging.

It was really insightful and going into concepts and ideas on how we can make a practical change in our lives. Whether that is personally all professionally taking massive action is not just about building business, it's also about. Developing yourself. It's also about personal growth. I've always believed in, as you grow, you have the ability to give and you have the ability to contribute more ideas to your business.

So your business will always, always go in direct proportion to the level of growth that you've gone. And, um, over the years, since 2015, I have really believed in personal development, personal growth, and I've had some core principles from building our business to where it is today, starting from absolutely zero.

Less than zero, in fact. And we now have a great team. We've got a great warehouse, we've got a great mission that we're. 10,000 square foot warehouse, amazing team members, multiple warehouses around the world, and it's being fundamentally based on the two of taking massive action and ultimately building our business on systems.

So this is going to be a. , great conversation. It's gonna be a great podcast. We're gonna have great guests. Come on. We're gonna dig down deeper in different ideas and concepts. We're gonna have, um, different thoughts of what's actually happening in, in the world right now and where we find ourselves in the world right now.

We are also, like I say, uh, gonna unpack a number of things. Um, and I encourage you, this is gonna go out on YouTube, but we're also gonna have. Podcast, the audio only version, which is gonna be in the link of the description down below, which is gonna be hosted on our website, where you can actually listen to these when you are out and about when you are doing chores around the house, when you are at the gym, working out, or when you know you're traveling, you getting a bit of net timing.

Um, no extra time, uh, in your car. and we're gonna talk about some great things. So freedom systems, um, where to kick things off. Well, I want to kick things off today talking about massive action and I wanna share a couple of stories of what ignited. Massive action in my own personal life and attempt to give you some things to explore and some ideas that you can explore in your own life.

So if you're feeling yourself right now where you're like, I've had enough, I am ready to to, to make it happen, not another day, I will make this happen, then you will relate to this in, in many, many ways. If you feel yourself at this moment in time that you maybe don't have that urgency or, um, you, you may be unsure of where to go, what to do, then, um, this I think is going to help a little bit as well.

So I'm not gonna share. Exactly what the Book Freedom Systems is, is going to, um, involve. But the first section of it is what I've called Ignite Your Massive Action. Because I think fundamentally that's where it all starts. It starts with you taking massive action every. . And then that comes with lots of different questions.

That comes with questions like, what is taking massive action? What does massive action actually look like? What is the definition of massive action? How do I know if I'm taking massive action? And I want to share a couple of stories that I've actually wrote in, um, the introduction, if you like, of, uh, the book to section one, ignite your Massive.

And I'll read a little bit for you here now. So it was the 13th of May, 2015 when my life changed forever and taking massive action was bomb. It was the day I said not another day. I remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday. I had become an electrical engineer a year earlier after completing an apprenticeship college and university over the course of eight.

I was earning around about 33,000 pounds in a year, getting a pay rise every year. My son, Theo, at the time, in his first five years of his life, he had a great five years of his life. Everything worked out that I had planned a decade before. Growing up in a counselor state, I, we weren't surrounded in abundance.

We weren't surrounded in. There weren't many luxuries or anything that we had, and we'll dig a little bit deeper into the background stories and, and encourage you to get involved in sharing some of your background stories. But the truth is, and the truth was, I was in the rat race, not enough money every month, credit card debt at build up to around 2000 pounds.

This caused massive amounts of friction at home. Um, I had no real understanding of what, how money works. Uh, we were in the time race, not enough time being called out for breakdowns, being an electrical engineer, evening work, um, weekend work, had very little time to spend with the family, um, uh, or anything that really matters.

Kaylie and I during our first year has been together since we're 17, stroke 18 years. , uh, we had two separate lives. Uh, we're still together to this day. Um, but she was a self-employed hairdresser working six days a week, putting in, you know, 50 hours plus a week. Uh, we only saw each other maybe two or three hours in a day, and then we'd go to bed just to repeat that cycle over again.

The next. for me personally, I was, um, I was tired every night. I was exhausted physically, mentally. My goal of being, becoming a, becoming an electrical engineer, uh, came with that pressure and the responsibilities that naturally it would come with. And Kaylee's father. Uh, Lindsay who came, became like a dad to me.

Uh, sadly he died in the May of 2013, which was obviously very, very devastating for our family. Um, for me then I, I felt like I was overweight. I felt like crap. Uh, this most definitely impacted my confidence and my belief. Um, I had lost touch with a lot of my friends once, seeing many of my. , even my eyesight.

The, the eyesight that I had at the time was deteriorating. I was going for checkups and, um, I was, uh, asked that I've gotta start wearing glasses to drive. So at the same time, my hair was starting to thin out. Um, right now, uh, my, my hair isn't, uh, as full as it once was. I used to have big, curly hair, um, which I was very, very proud of.

It was a part of my in identity. Um, I wasn't able to attend any of Theo's school plays and throughout those first five years, despite on the outside becoming an electrical engineer, working hard, doing the best I could. Um, me and Kylie also set, separated for a period of around about six to eight months.

Um, there was a lot of tension, a lot of pressure. Going through trauma and, um, we, we did reconcile and we, we came back together. We were completely blessed to have Happer in 2015, and then the cycle was starting all over again. Why am I sharing, why am I sharing that with you? Because I was thinking about igniting massive action and I was thinking about the first idea.

For the book was all to do with what I'm calling the Flashpoint threshold. The flashpoint threshold. And the reason why I've started to think about what ignites massive action in all of us is because what I experienced there was like, . Paper cut, paper cut, paper cut, paper cut, paper cut, and reflecting back on my life.

And I encourage you to do the same. You may look back on many different things that you've experienced, whether it's career, whether it's health, whether it's relationships, whether it is time, whether it's finance. Whether it's emotional, whether it's stress, anxiety, worry, whether it's not being able to do the things that you want to do, it is paper cut, paper cut, paper cut, paper cut, and I was thinking about what ignites massive action.

And um, I got it down to two things over the last six months in preparation of this day. and writing this book. I'd been taking notes and memories and photos and images over the last eight years of our lives and our eight years of our, uh, journey today for the purpose of getting all out on piece of papers, printing everything out, getting it in front of me, and really thinking about trying to connect the dots for me personally and what changed my.

and the first thing that I thought about was what ignites massive action, and I encourage you to potentially do the same. The first way that I thought about was some people could have an experience in life. They can go and they can have an experience in life where it completely changes their life instantly.

Could have something terrible happen, an accident health, something happens to a family member, a close friend, something could happen that makes you never, ever be the same again. And something like that can be very traumatic. It can really have a lasting impact on you, just like that you living your everyday life.

Car accident. You live in your everyday life phone call that gives you devastating news. You're live in your everyday life and it immediately, something comes at you and you go, that has changed me, my outlook, the way I live, the way I look out loud at life forever. Fortunately for me, that didn't happen in that particular way.

The second way that I thought about was do. , we, and have I blindly gone through life thinking that I'm going in this direction, which I, I believe for everything that I, that, that is me and everything that I can think about at that moment in time, I'm heading down that direction. But on the path, there are things happening in.

whether that is being in the rat race, whether that is being in the time race, whether that is having separated lives with our spouse, whether it is not being able to spend time with loved ones, whether it is. Being exhausted and tired and, and, and, and having anxiety and worry about this, and this is happening and I'm not happy with myself self, the way that I look and the way that I feel.

I don't have energy. I'm not able to do things that I maybe want to do. I'm not able to spend time with my, and this has a stacking effect, a compounding effect. If the leverage, if something happens that now tips you over the edge, it is the threshold that you, that you experience, that you think to yourself, that's the flashpoint, that is the ignition.

That is when it's not another day. All of a sudden your life changes in that way too. And I believe, , and I don't have any statistics to sort of back this up, but there, there may be, you know, 90 plus percent of people going through lives in this way without really knowing it, just settling for the continuous potential worry or anxiety or, uh, the things that they're not happy with and they may not know how to get out.

They may be looking for a solution, but they can't find it. And I go on to say, and I don't want to sort of share the, the entire sort of book, but the company that I was working for in throughout that time, they were struggling for a while. They were losing a lot of. . And, uh, every month there was risk of thinking that there could be redundancies and people losing their careers.

And in many ways, the what we're experiencing now in the world, it, it's like inflation difficulties, rising costs, and there's this worry, there's this worry that's also. Happening there right now as well. Right? It's, it's hap the cycle is, is happening all over again. And on the morning of 2013, we were told that there was gonna be a conference call with the CEO of the company and they were actually going to announce, uh, redundancies and the mothballing of plants.

And there was a bit of whispering it going around, um, of one of two plants. Were gonna be shut down and mothballed. I was at one of those plants, the plant, the other plant. I had actually come out my apprenticeship and I knew those people. They were my friends, they were my mentors, colleagues. A lot of them taught me so much.

A lot of them put me under their wing. . I remember walking into this particular conference room and every, and it was, it was quiet. Everybody had worry on their face. Everybody had anxiety on their face. What were they about to experience? What were they about to have to drive home that evening and potentially tell their loved ones that there is not gonna be a pay packet next month?

and we've got, there's mortgages to pay, there is rents to pay, there's utilities to pay, there's food to pay, there's children and families that we have. And the call started and he ended up saying that the plant that I wasn't at was gonna be shut down. And in that moment, for me personally, I. experienced two huge amounts of emotions.

The first emotion was relief. Relief that it wasn't my name that was called, it wasn't the plant that was called knowing that it, it wasn't me that was gonna be made redundant. The second emotion. was of huge sorrow. Huge sorrow, knowing what that other room was essentially experiencing. And when the call ended, looking around, seeing grown up people, um, engineers in their fifties, early 60.

some of these people that were excited for retirement, they were looking forward to retirement. That worked 30, 40 years of their life to experiencing this when you are wanting to get to retirement and that you've put your hours in and you years in and in that moment something happened. And looking back, I experienced something that I'd never experienced.

in that moment. I actually was projecting myself into the future and I was thinking to myself is, is this what I've experienced? Is this just the stat or is this just the this the end, right? Is this just gonna come again next month? Is this just gonna go, come again next? , how long is this time actually ticking for?

And then I started to think to myself, what does my future hold? And all of a sudden I saw. Incredible engineers and incredible people that I admired that taught me so much, and I owed them a, so much for my engineering, my assignments, my training, the theory, you know, the, the, the journey that I went through over the eight years from knowing nothing of electrical engineering to now we've got a first class green electrical engineering, and all of a sudden I thought to myself, you are showing.

The future, if this is still here in 30 years, you are telling me what you are, showing me what I will experience being 38, uh, 58, uh, 60, 62,

and then we all want to dart out there and drive home a queue coming out. The steel works. , hundreds of cars take 45 minutes to get out. And that particular day I had a still, I didn't, we didn't go wash everybody just wanted to get out of there. I had a at monkey face monkey hands driving out the steelworks.

And I remember thinking to myself, there's, there's husbands, there's wives in front of me, behind me. What's going in, what's going on in their cars? Right. Some of them are going home to relive what they've just experienced to their loved ones, worry, anxiety relief. Others are gonna go home and go, I don't have a pay packet the following month.

And that was the moment. When the ignition personally started, for me, it was the threshold flashpoint where all of a sudden, and I wrote down here explicitly,

what the, excuse my language, what the fuck is happening here? Why the fuck am I living my life this. is this, honestly, all I actually have that I'm working at right now,

I was done. That was it. I've wrote here in that single moment, it was never gonna be the same again all of a sudden. , everything became urgent. Important, urgent. I must make a change. I must make it happen. I must change my life. And then I thought, thinking back, what happens naturally? You all of a sudden you feel maybe trapped, urgent, and you are looking for an opportunity, an opportunity to allow you to get what you actually.

Many times you have to go through a path of, well, I know I don't want this and I know I don't want this and I know I don't want this. And it starts pointing you towards what you actually do want. And that was one of the moments that I had. It was like, from a goal setting perspective, people will say, set yourself goals.

I've maybe said it in the past, set yourself goals. What do you wanna do this year? What do you wanna create? What do you wanna build? But sometimes you just don't. Sometimes you're just like, I, I, I, I know I, I don't know, but I know I don't want this. And that is what happened to me. The flashpoint of what personally happened to me.

And I've put it here as ignite number one, the threshold flashpoint. And I go through a bit of an exercise here, um, and it's the first drafts of ever think that we're gonna go through into the future. But my question to you, is at what point, what's happened in your life that, have you experienced this flashpoint?

Have you, if you've been watching the YouTube channel and our YouTube channel for some time, or you may have just watched this podcast for the first time, have you experienced that? And if you haven't, . I thought to myself like, surely there's gotta be a way to engineer this to happen to you. When you become clear, when you start to list all the things that you're going through, and it's not out of, it's not like self pity, it's not like life is tough for everybody.

Like life happens and we go through life the best way we possibly can and shit happens. But when you, when you start to stack all this up and you. shit. Yeah. Look what I've actually experienced. I don't want that. I need to make a change. I wanna make a change. Is this, is this making sense? And that is the, the first experiences that I personally had from a, from a, a threshold flashpoint, all of a sudden my life.

became incredibly urgent every single night. I was like, looking for an opportunity, looking for an opportunity. What am I looking for? What am I looking for? What am I, what am I hoping for? What do I wanna create? What do I actually want? What do I want? And so that is when we ended up watching an episode of, uh, Lord on Sugar Apprentice.

And um, this particular episode, they were two teams and they. Who could make the most money out of 500 pounds. And it was like both of the teams, you can essentially do what you want. And one of the teams were looking at what can they sell at the market? And they were trying to find different t-shirts to sell, make, and then sell some.

And another team was like, oh, I'm gonna go to Charity stars and try to sell that out on the market. The whole idea of one man's trash is another man's treasure. And, um, We're inspired by this. I, I was thinking to myself, well, this is practical. This is, this is something that resonates with me. Surely somebody, somebody in the world, if I found one man or one woman's treasure, a trash, it would be another man or another woman's treasure.

So I started to go to charity stars and one of them was, um, Sue Rider. Sue Ryder and I found these little polin birds and they were great quality, great finish on the, on the, the back of them. They had a signature and a date, and I thought to myself, there's got to be some bird collectors. There has to be some bird collectors out there.

And the first thing I thought about was e. eCommerce. I was like, well, eBay is the place that you can just list something and somebody would buy, you shoot off to the post office and and sell that. And over the next couple of days, I started listing. I started listing these birds, taking photos, got myself a little, uh, made up light tent, start taking photos, created the listenings, and the challenge started.

I was then back at. and I remember going back to my office and this, my phone had a notification and it went ding and I'd made a sale. While I was at work. I had made a sale and I thought to myself, , these birds that I've just purchased. Cause we were only doing 10 pounds. I had just purchased them for about 50 pe, 75 pence a pound each.

I only had a small little number of them, and I thought to myself, I've just sold these birds for now. Nine pounds, 10 pounds, seven pounds. I was like, wow, I've just made some money while I was at work. Now, of course, I had to get the bubble wrap and I had to get the mailing bags. I had to go to the post office and ship and remember going.

but the point that I'd just experienced, I had just experienced making a sale within eCommerce within eBay while I was at work, and that was a spark of, that was truly a spark of this is an opportunity. . Then I thought to myself, well, if I can sell, if I can sell these 10 birds or five birds, then I, maybe I can sell a hundred birds if I, what if I can sell a thousand birds?

And then I started to think, well, people collected other things like what, what about books and what about other collectors items? Then I thought to myself, well, what if I can list all these and then I'm, I'm just selling potentially hundreds of pounds every day and. , that's when the mind started to open up to potential opportunities of like, how can I leverage, what can I, if I'm working and I can still be selling, so my full-time job at in the day go into my part-time business?

And then it was like, well, it's not practical, it's not scalable in the way that I'm living to be. Wrapping and, and standing in the queue of the post office. And that was when a good friend of mine actually mentioned, well, the, have you heard of Amazon fba? An Amazon fba, fulfilled by Amazon not knowing exactly what it was.

I was like, what? You can ship hundreds and thousands of products and they would do all the work for you. So therefore I wouldn't have to go to the poster. All I have to do is ship potentially thousands of boxes, uh, hundreds of items in a box and, and, and away it goes. This was literally about three weeks after I'd experienced this ignition point.

Then it compounded to the fact that I was, had enough, not another day. Listed on eBay got my first sale. Oh my God, this is real listed on Amazon. First sale on Amazon. I was like, oh my God, this is incredible. This is the opportunity that I've been looking for. It's practical. Kaylie at the time was on maternity leave.

We were, then it, we was like, okay, is it possible to, is it possible not just to sell, um, the secondhand things? Is it possible to sell brand new? Then I learned about arbitrage. What is arbitrage, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale, and all these amazing things that we've gone through, um, over the last sort of eight years.

And it was all sparked from that initial flashpoint of taking massive action. And this is really the, the goal. , the Freedom Systems was all to do with, I could then see a path on how I could potentially become free, and that's what we want to impact unpack on this, this podcast. So I am going to make a promise that this podcast is going to.

Right. We are gonna have people come on. There's gonna be times when I'm out and about. We're gonna be at the warehouse, we're gonna have people's stories. I'm gonna be sharing things that I'm writing in the book, in preparation for launching the book, which I can't wait to do. Um, we had a great, uh, book, the Perfect System, which was all to do with really building your business on systems.

It, we shipped it to so many different countries around the world. There's so many books, and this isn't even all of them. There's so many books that have made a difference in my, in personally, in my life and my journey, and we're gonna share so much, uh, about what we're learning and, but all of them, whether it is Sam Walter made in America, his story, whether it is zero negativity, whether it is rocket fuel, whether it's work the system, whether it is play bigger traction, entrepreneurial.

Whether it is cleanse to heal all of them fundamentally at its foundational core, they're all about having some kind of freedom from something, whether it is freedom, building freedom incredibly, whether it is zero negativity. Freedom from that, whether it is rocket fuel, being a visionary, being a, um, uh, an integrator, whether it is traction, whether it's making the entrepreneurial leap.

Is this for you? What opportunities are we, is out there for us. We've gone into entrepreneurship in terms of e-commerce as an industry. From that we've, we've experienced many different models and shared so much of the different models, which is gonna be a whole new section in the book for that as well.

The blueprints, the frameworks. We've learned how complimentary income streams, whether it's affiliate marketing, whether it's service-based businesses, whether it is coaching and events. Um, so we're gonna dig down deeper into that. There is this one here, the four obsessions of an extraordinary executive leadership Plea, plea, bigger.

It is all about creating new categories of, of building a brand new industry, which is something that we focused on apart, systemise. And we, as the episodes go on, we're going to keep evolving, keep digging down deeper into this. And, um, this is gonna be at minimum every single week. Um, we're gonna start publishing different topics and different episodes.

We're gonna have it on the, uh, you can have the audio only version as well. For all my audio, uh, listeners, um, massive high five to you guys, uh, for the YouTube channel. Something that I'm so proud of. We've got over a thousand videos on this already. This is now phase two. This is the next level. My goal with this podcast is I would love to make a real difference to, to people.

I would love to. As I go through this, I reinforce it and I learn. I learn so much from everybody, uh, myself. Um, and our goal is we want to get this to, we're at 10,000 YouTube subscribers at this moment in time. We want to get to a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers. That's the goal. We want this podcast to be able to make a difference and share with other people.

you know, building from nothing can happen if you've got the courage, the belief, the grit, the U, the hunger. Enough reasons for taking massive, absolutely every single day. So I am so beyond excited for this. I'm so excited to get this episode one out, something that over. Um, few months going into this year, I was thinking about planting massive seeds, which is another thing that we will most likely talk about apart these frameworks and blueprints.

And this is one of the seeds that, uh, I really wanted to, to plant. And for those that have got to this point, um, I encourage you to, um, Smash the thumbs up button. I really, really appreciate it. Please subscribe. Please leave a review. Please leave a comment underneath. Um, if this is resonated, if this is a good idea, um, if I, if I get lots of thumbs ups, then obviously, and lots of comments.

Obviously I know I'm onto something that I want to, um, you know, support you with and, um, I'm super, super excited. So, As I've always done, I always end my videos of inspiring you every single day to keep taking massive action. And this is gonna be the next version of taking massive action. We're gonna dig down deeper, broader, listening to people's stories, what's happening in the world, talking all about freedom.

Which is ultimately comes down to taking massive action and building your businesses on systems. I look forward to seeing you in episode two. Really excited for that. Take care. Have an amazing day, and, um, if you wanna comment down below, share a little bit about your background story, your flashpoint. Is that resonated?

Is this, is this something that makes sense? Please let me, Take care and look forward to seeing you next time. Keep ticking. Massive action. Bye-bye.



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