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Welcome to another episode of the Freedom Systems Podcast, where I'm super excited to share with you what we are calling the Full Stack Blueprint. This is the Amazon FBA edition, and throughout this entire episode, we are going to decipher what this is because it can truly be the difference between.

Success or failure, and this has been proven to show that when this is all in place, the full stack, you've got the full stack in place. The likelihood of your success will be huge, a massive quantum leap with the probability of you being successful in your business. As always, I'm your host, Kev Blackburn, inspired to take massive action with you as we go through this journey.

So if you haven't already subscribed, hit the thumbs up button to the podcast. Please do. I'm super excited to get into this. What is. Ultimately all about, well, it's on this concept right here. This here shows that there is many, many people in the world that are inspired to take action. We are consuming information, ideas, insights, theories.

We have amazing access to information. Whether that's on your laptop, on your phone, social media, YouTube, anywhere you go, courses, you name it, the information is now available. It's very accessible to all of us. Or there is a difference. There's a difference on the output, the outcome, right? So this is like.

as an input. All those individually, we are seeing information, ideas, insights, theories, the same piece of content, the same piece of content, the same ideas, the same information, the same insights, the same theories. But in terms of the out output, why are some people. Able to become super successful. They make, they're able to gain freedom.

They're able to quit their careers. They're able to build teams. They're able to be super successful in what they do, and some people are not successful. Some people lose money, some people give up. Over time, lots of people got access to the same information, the same ideas, the same. They know how things are going to be done, but the output is very, very different.

This is what we're gonna decipher why this happens. That's why we're gonna decipher this as from an Amazon FBA edition. The full stack blueprint is what you need to go up to here to be successful long term. You need the full stack. Some people. That go down this path. It's not because of the information, it's not because of the ideas, it's not because of the insights, the theory, it's because they don't have this full stack in place.

Allow me just to share with you a quick story, which I actually noted on my phone here, um, as bullet points to sort of remind myself so. . One of the things that is different for all of us is you all come, we all come from different backgrounds, and I remember myself back in 2015 when I started learning ideas, consuming information, having different insights and, and learning different theories, and what I was taking from that information that was presented to.

made me react in some way. I was maybe taking bits and parts, what I would listen to. Now, eight years later, I've watched some of the original pieces of content, the same information that hasn't changed, but I've seen it differently. My perception, the perception of what I see here is now d. It is the same information, but I've taken it from different, uh, different experience.

And that is the reason why every single individual here, we're all unique, we're all different. We all come from different backgrounds. We all have different histories. We all have different skill sets. We all have different experie. We all have different resources. We all have different things that's happened to us, which means that this idea, this information, this insight, these theories are being consumed differently by everybody.

This is one of the reasons why. , some people can go here and be successful and some people here cannot be successful. And that's why sometimes you, you see somebody who just starts a business model and they may be super successful within the first six months. They might be super successful within the ne the first two years, and you potentially have been at this for 3, 4, 5 years plus.

It's not because of you, it's because. This has been seen differently. The information has been presented and and con consumed differently, and that is maybe because there is a bit of the stack that has been missed because like I said, from from my own personal experience, I see things differently based on the experiences that I have and the same pieces of content that made such a big impact in my life back in 2015.

I look at that same information now and some maybe hasn't hit me as much as it once did, or some has hit me completely different to what it did before. This is one of the reasons why I always encourage you to repeat and and rewatch great insights and great videos and great podcasts, and listen to podcasts.

If in the event, um, things have changed and you've taken massive action and your life and your business is now different. So what's this, this full stack? Let's, let's dig into what the full stack is. Here is what we're calling the full stack, and I want to give credit. To all the, all the mentors and all the coaches and all the programs and courses and, and so many things that have consumed over the last eight years.

That's made a big difference in my life. That's, that's made this to what I would love to share with you today because I wouldn't personally be, without all everything that I've experienced and all the lessons and everything that I've learned. And that's why having these podcasts and these conversations are really, really fun for me just to share what looking back and how I've personally tried to connect the dots and I continue to attempt to connect the dots.

Okay, so this first stack, let's start first of all with number five. The top, the top stack, the top. Um, Block, if you like. If you imagine this is like a pyramid and you've got, you've literally got blocks and stones that have made this up. Let's start at the top. The top here, and it's a little bit smaller is what we call processes.

Processes and different tasks. This is processes and different tasks. That's the top, the top pillar, if you like, the top block, what this basically means is the information, age, and YouTube and, um, every, all the bits of information that you. These topics right here, whether that is podcasts, YouTube videos, theory, insights, what you are seeing and what you're getting access to is actually this top block.

You're getting access to the tip of the iceberg, and therefore what that means. Some people don't have these foundational things in place for making these processes and these tasks to be relevant and and fully understood that how they can consume this. And you might be able to go online and and go how to.

Profitable products, how to build a wholesale business, how to have exclusive brand deals, how to, um, open an Amazon seller central account, how to do this and how to do that. And you're gonna find amazing insights and knowledge on how to do specific things over the shoulders, vlogs, insights, et cetera. But, You are missing a big key of the foundation of what can make you become successful.

And the reason for this is because the tasks and the processes and the theories, the ideas, they mean something differently to all of us. Depending on what your experience and what your foundation ultimately is. If you've never ever built a business. And you learn how to do, um, some type of, uh, sales presentation.

If you've never had a deal, an exclusivity deal, and you've got a brand in front of you that you're trying to close the deal, or a wholesaler that you're trying to close the deal or any type of inside your business or your experience, if you've never had an experience of this sort, , you are going into this learning, this process, this task.

Very, very different to somebody who's maybe had 20, 30, 40, a hundred different meetings. That person has another level of experience and another level of insight that you might not know. Therefore, building this out becomes really, really important. And I really took some time after doing some studying and a part of, uh, the brand new book there, which is the Freedom Systems book, which I can't wait to share with you.

If you wanna be on the waiting list, please do go onto the waiting list. Um, really, really excited about that. That's gonna be coming out very, very soon. Getting some ideas is gonna be really great bulk. Um, th this is, this is where I've been trying. Understand, like what are these pillars? I've got it down to these five pillars.

The first one and the the first one that we have spoken about, a part of this Freedom Systems podcast is I, I believe the foundation to all this is whatever for you has ignited the massive action reasons for. , whatever that is, the reasons that have ignited you to not do this another day, whatever it is.

I shared in episode one the reasons that built up for myself that from a foundation perspective is, is what's going to see you go through for 10 years into the future, 20 years into the future, these processes and these. If you think of, if you imagine putting that on no foundation, that's like trying to put a, a really, really tall building on a foundation of a, um, of, of a, a little beach hot.

It's like trying to put a really tall building on sand. Do you see what I'm saying? That's, that's, that's why these, this is really, really important. That's why that is really important to have something at a. The base of your full stack needs to be at a strength that can actually build upon that. Does this make sense for me personally?

Every single reason for why you've gotta change your life for every single reason. What ignited massive action to you? Every single reason of why you said, not another day, I will make it happen. I'm sick of this and I'm sick of that, and I'm gonna make this happen. The family reasons, personal reasons, health reasons, you're feeling trapped and you wanna break free.

Whatever the reasons are for you, it is gonna be such a strong base that this is reinforced concrete with steel bars and everything that you can think of. This make sense. This now makes these processes and tasks very, very different. You're seeing them very, very different. The reasons why you need them, what impact it's gonna have on the bigger picture.

So that's the first thing. The second level after, you've got some reasons, I believe, at the, the base of your bus businesses wants to be a systems pH. Okay. A systems mindset, a systems philosophy that whatever you are building, whatever you now taking massive action on, you are thinking about how you can build it into systems.

Systems that are repeatable, that you can control, that you can measure, and, and you can achieve the outcome that you want. So when these tasks are built upon systems and the massive action reason, They're very, very different. The way that you consume and the way that you build is very, very different. I remember for me personally, I've always, always enjoyed.

Breaking things apart, understanding like what stages interconnect to others. It's like a little bit like Tetris or it's a little bit like, um, if you imagine Lego bricks, if it, like, I'm interested in what pieces of the puzzle come together or what one piece of the puzzle, how that breaks up and how we can start to systemise each of the different stages.

and, and one of the things that we spoke about in the perfect system, the three cost stages in business, was all about the trigger, the process, and the outcome. Every single task, everything that you have, your SOPs, whether you sourcing products, opening wholesale accounts, whether you are building relationship, you have an outcome that is your desired.

you have some type of process that you develop as the systems engineer, as the systems' entrepreneur, as the system owner, the business owner. You are developing those processes to achieve that outcome. And then you've gotta a trigger on why that process would start. Whether it is you've had a wholesaler that comes through the door, you've gone to a trade show, you've wanted to reach out via phone, email.

That is how I've, I broke up, up into the book, um, about developing systems, and that's what I've always thought about building my own business. I always thought, what are my triggers? I thought about what do, what, what should we be doing on a Monday? What should we be doing on a Tuesday? What should we be doing on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?

What should be done on a weekly basis, a monthly basis, a quarterly basis, an annual basis? What are the triggers? How do we filter information? What starts a process? Okay. Systems built upon massive action. The next level that makes a big difference onto this is your financial blueprint, your financial mindset.

It's your systems philosophy. I'm just gonna put Phil and your financial mindset. It's the blueprint, how you are and what your relationship is with financials and money. And ultimately your business will make a big difference on the tasks, the, the, the processes and everything that you put in place on how to run your.

Your mindset, your philosopher, your blueprint from a financial point of view, if you see processes, if you see ideas or theory, or whatever the case might be, what you are learning and you have a full awareness, you understand how you, what your relationship is with money, you understand the processes and and, and the systems.

You have the massive action found, you are gonna see this information very, very different because you are gonna see what does it mean to reach out to a wholesaler? How many times am I gonna reach out to a wholesaler? What energy, what tenacity, what consistently consistency is gonna pull me through into the future?

That is very subjective to each individual. So somebody who's maybe not aware of money, personalities, money blueprints are the reasons for why they do specific. They're not gonna see this in the same light that you do because they don't have your experience, they don't have your awareness, they don't have your reasons.

Is this making sense? So for, for me personally, in my own journey, which is what I've tried to share in the first couple of episodes, is there was a lot of things that happened that made this an absolute must for me to understand and build upon. My reasons were so too great, my understanding of engineering in the background and developing systems and having philosophy.

I understood that I got trained upon that and then ultimately, I'd never ran a business before, I didn't know what different money blueprints that there. Some people. I didn't know that. Some people would be spenders, some people would be savers, and what impact that actually has on your business. Some people are avoiders.

Some people don't want to talk about money. Some people do want to talk about money. Some people are afraid of money. Some people are not afraid of money. I never knew what impact that that could have on a business. . So these tasks and these processes, placing orders, hiring virtual assistants, building teams, this impacts you in many different ways because somebody that is very aware of this and got processes and systems in place, They would be willing to go, I know I need that now because it fits into my bigger picture and I know what the repercussions and the costs and the return on investment and the time and the long term impact that that would have if I take that action.

Is this making sense? . Hopefully it's making sense. And then this thing, this number four, that brings this all together. Thank you so much for watching or listening to the Freedom Systems podcast. I'm so grateful that you're here and you're spending some time with me today. We have been looking at our analytics, and interestingly, we have had between five and 7,000 people that are completely new, unique viewers or listen,

One of the requests that I could kindly ask of you is to hit the subscribe button so that you are notified of any future episodes by hitting the subscribe button. It'll allow this podcast, this YouTube channel to be sponsored and reach more people, and ultimately provide the value and the support in you achieving your goals.

Thank you very much for your support in hitting the subscribe button. Please share it if you find this to be valuable, and let's get back to the podcast. It's ultimately the business model that you choose to use, the business model, the business model that you choose to build. Whether that is online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, whether it's wholesale, whether it is exclusive brand deals, whether it's private label, whether it is Shopify, whether it is your own service, whether it's affiliate marketing.

It doesn't really matter what type of business model we're talking about, but obviously if it's wholesale, the processes and the tasks within wholesale are different to maybe private label or Shopify. This is the full stack. This is.

The blueprint, the full stack blueprint on why some people the same goes for myself when I first started. Why some this information I maybe wasn't consuming in the right way. And what it meant and how it meant and what, what impact it would have on my business. Because although. And this is where the secret really comes down to is you only really start to build this.

You really start to understand this and you really start to, it points you towards that. Cuz when something, a process or a task isn't being done in your business, if it's not being done, it will show itself somewhere. Either the success isn't there with your business model, whether it has financial repercussions.

in, in your business, in, in yourself. Whether it has impact on what your system is, right? How your system's operating, or ultimately it has impact on your emotions of stress or anxiety or worry or, or tenacity, grit, hunger. I will keep going. I will keep going. I will keep going. It has a knock on effect on how you see.

based on the full stack that you are working towards. I really hope, um, this is, this has been my kind of experience, what I've, what I've had over since we started, and every time process or a task or, uh, I'm not understanding it fully or I'm, I'm, the secret is really to keep working at this and become aware of this and have some conscious awareness of.

And and see them where your gaps are. How well do you know yourself financially? How well do you know yourself from a systems perspective? How much do you really want this? Is it something that you actually want to do? Or some people have already left the episode. There's some people that have already turned off.

There's some people. that are going from TikTok video to TikTok video. There's some people that are going from YouTube video to YouTube video that continue to look for tasks that continue to look for different processes that continue to look for the secret that's going to allow 'em to get there overnight.

But what they don't realize is all this, the stack, the reasons for why they do it, the systems philosophy, the mindset, the business model, all. Plays a huge impact on how you consume the information and what you are actually acting upon. Some people can't watch through a 25 minute video. Some people have already been distracted and gone somewhere else, but some people can.

You can, you are here or you are still here. This means that this is resonating with you, which means that you already have got pillars in place. For your full stack. That therefore means it's then just a matter of time for you to keep going, to keep pushing and keep implementing and actually taking action on these because you've already chosen your business model.

You already got what you foundations in place. You, hopefully you, you might not be perfect at systems or financials, or there's things that you are always learning on your journey, just like. , but your base is so strong, the ignition is so strong, and that's the reason why you will be successful in whatever you decide to do, whatever you point your focus or energy towards, because your stack is there.

Does, does this make sense? So I wanted just to share that to you from. . Um, from sort of an another insight of the things that I'm kind of thinking about when it comes to the brand new book, which I'm so, so, so excited for, um, and really trying to understand why people take massive action, what the freedom systems ultimately are, and this is a big part of.

Um, when we start talking about the opportunities and the reasons for why we, what opportunities there are, what your roadmap is, what your long-term mission ultimately is, because I want you to be successful. This is, although I've put it as the Amazon FBA edition, it's actually applicable to different parts of bus, other businesses and other industries and everything as well, but that is all deciphering.

some people are successful, some people are not, and it's up to us to keep working on the building blocks, the foundations of why we do what we do. I believe with every single the cell in my body that it comes down to your reasons. The systems philosophy systems allow you to start controlling and optimising understanding.

And then you need to know what your financial blueprint is, cuz that makes you act very, very differently. Um, ultimately what business model that you have and, um, the, this is where like your core values comes in, right? The core values of your business, the, the processes, the vision is of your business, the organisational chart of your business, your SOPs of your business, your appraisals of your business, your task management of your.

right? Your communication and how you operate in your business. This, this is a part of the full stack. So thank you so much for watching. Uh, another episode of the Freedom Systems podcast. Please. Um, if you wanted to, uh, put on the waiting list for the book, I'd love to have you there. Um, I'll let you know more information when it comes.

Also, if you, um, wanted to support the podcast, please give it a big thumbs up. Please share it with anybody that wished to share it with. My name is Kev and your host inspiring you every single day to keep taking massive action and keep working on all this because I'm on this journey with. Take care and keep taking massive action.



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