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Case Study 1: Adam Kupinski

From Living Room, To Systemise Fulfilment UK, To Own Warehouse In Only 9 Months

Learn Adam's Story

The Starting Problem

How does Adam continue to build and scale his Amazon FBA businesses when everyday his time is being spent on preparation of products and shipments which is keeping him in his business and not working on his business?

The Ending Solution

After Adam enrolled into Systemise Fulfilment UK, he were able to free up his time to source more, streamline operations and efficient systems resulting in moving into a warehouse only 9 months later.

Before Joining Us, Dec 2018

Started his business in 2017.

​Quit his job to work full time. 

Was shipping from home everyday.

After Joining Us, Dec 2019

Enrolled Into Prep Service Jan 2019.

Sold over £670,000 in total now.

Moved into warehouse Sept 2019.

Joining Systemise Fulfilment UK

To maximise the growth of his business in 2019, Adam opted in to enrol as a Platinum Partner which meant that our team where able to manage 100% of his shipments hands free. This meant that Adam had the time to now start working on his business to scale his operations to the next level. On top of the amazing time saved, his business was fuelled with the supply of products to sell everyday too. 

Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment

Here's What Adam Said About Systemise Fulfilment UK

I have been with Systemise Fulfilment for quite a long time now and I can't say enough how good are they.

The staff at Systemise Fulfilment UK is second to none by a mile and I have never had such awesome customer service. Girls at the warehouse are always there when you need them, very friendly and helpful if you need help with anything from setting up, pick and pack all the way to shipping your items to Amazon.

They will provide you with the no.1 service when it comes to prepping your items - whether you're doing private label, online and retail arbitrage or maybe wholesale - you can rest assured that your items are in good hands.

Can't even count occasions when - thanks to their hard work and knowledge of what they're doing - I have saved myself from bad reviews and possibly worse consequences of sending in to amazon wrong items - they were able to spot them and let me know immediately - so that is worth its weight in gold in itself.

I have visited them on few occasions and always been greeted with smile and can-do attitude and they were always happy to assist in any need that I might have at the moment.

And the best one I have left for the end part - so if you got here good work! - and that has made the biggest difference to my business and has taken it to the next level - same day turnover, which is really awesome. about 80% of my items are at Amazon's warehouse within 48h from ordering. So the items are going out the same day they were delivered, which makes a massive difference in busy periods.

So if you're looking for the best value for your money when it comes to a prep service Systemise Fulfilment UK is the best one.

Hope you'll find my review useful and will let them help take your business to the next level.

The Ending Success

9 months later, Systemise Fulfilment UK were able to support Adam in growing his business where he was able to move out into his own warehouse. We visited Adam and brought him a success gift to say congratulations.


Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment
Systemise Fulfilment

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