How to Automate Amazon FBA: 5 Steps

amazon fba automation Jun 07, 2021

In this blog post, we would like to share with you 5 tips for beginners, for outsourcing your online arbitrage business. We would like to go through with you, a beginners guide to outsourcing and automating your online arbitrage business.

Always Think in Terms of Time

Regardless of the online arbitrage business model, regardless of whatever you are doing, always think in terms of time. Make sure that each day, you are spending your time doing specific tasks and that you are prioritising. 

If you are always thinking in terms of time, that will allow you to focus on those most consuming tasks. 

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Always Split Up Your Business Into Stages

The online business model is a perfect example of being able to split up your business into stages, because you have:

Stage 1. Sourcing

Stage 2. Reviewing 

Stage 3. Purchasing

Stage 4. Prepping

Stage 5. Shipping

Stage 6. Amazon Seller Central

If you would like to learn more on these stages, we have an entire series on YouTube, going into depth about each of these stages.

Click here:

It’s recommended that you get a sheet of paper, write down everything that you can possibly think of, and you group tasks together. For example, sourcing would be checking stores and virtual assistant training. Then, all tasks referring back to Amazon Seller Central - messages, customer feedback and more. 

Once you have got all of this, this then shows you the overview of your business and a flow diagram of your business. And this will allow you to see where you can outsource first. 

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List all the Individual Tasks in Terms of Time

For example, under sourcing, you will have to look at different stores to match Amazon, see if an item is profitable, and do a bunch of research, then put the amount of time that you are spending next to it. For example, you could be spending 3 hours on sourcing, 1 hour on purchasing and half an hour on Repricerexpress. Whatever it is, just start listing all the different tasks and a time period next to them.

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Try to Focus on Those Most Time-Consuming Tasks

For instance, the reason Kev outsourced sourcing first, was because it was the most time-consuming task for him. Then, it was Repricer, because Kev was spending so much time looking at the different prices on Amazon and looking at the buy boxes for everything, 

then he would go in and change the price lower, so he could get in the buy box again.

Kev then thought that he needed to outsource this, hence why he went to Repricerexpress. The same as when he started to get a bunch of virtual assistants to do his sourcing, he was then reviewing all day, and thought that it was the most time-consuming task now. So he had to look to outsource this.

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Create A Plan

After going through all of this process, you can start to structure a plan together. You can decide on what you are going to outsource first, what you are going to outsource after the first one, what you are planning to outsource in the next week or later on, when you have got more cash-flow and more profit in the business.

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