7 Hard Truths About Amazon After Speaking to 50+ Amazon Sellers


After speaking to over 50 Amazon Sellers,  one on one, on massive action, personal strategy session phone calls, Kev has come down to 7 hard truths, which may apply to you in your business, if you are an Amazon Seller. 

Kev has spoken to people who have quit their jobs, who are at £20,000 - £30,000 per month and 6-figure sellers.

After speaking to 50 people, over 10 hours of one on one and really understanding where people are and what is holding them back and what their biggest challenges have been and what they are currently, Kev now has at least 7 hard truths, which he really would like to share with you.

Awareness of Challenges and Bottlenecks We Have Building the Business

The awareness of your bottlenecks is so important. Kev has spoken to people who aren’t even aware of their own bottlenecks, they don’t even know what their challenge is.

Kev has summarised this to 5 different bottlenecks, which can really help you out; you are going to have...

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