Save the Planet and Comply With EU Packaging Acts


You are probably used to sending your products packaged to your customers – after all, you don't want them to arrive damaged. What you may not be very familiar with is the packaging legislation within Europe. The packaging legislation focuses on recycling of packaging materials. In this blog we would like to inform you about this legislation, what it entails, how it works and how to comply.

Packaging legislation in the EU

The United Kingdom has fairly flexible packaging legislation: here you only need to register your company from 50,000 kilos of packaging waste. Germany and France, on the other hand, are much stricter: you are obliged to ensure all your packaging is being recycled. In both countries there is no threshold: you have to register when you sell your first product to a German or French customer. Since it is difficult to check whether your customers recycle the packaging, these countries know so-called ‘dual systems’, also called ’recycling...

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