Interested In Helping Other People? How To Become A Coach Or A Mentor? (Sharing Kev's Experiences)


This blog post is going to share with you the biggest tips and biggest lessons which Kev has learned over the last 7 years, being a coach and mentor to other people, and having the privilege to work with individuals, groups of people who have looked to Kev to achieve the goals in their lives. If you are currently thinking that you want to become a coach, or you would love to be a mentor to people, and if you have something in you which is telling you that you want to support people and that you want to make a difference, if you love contributing, and you love making an impact, then I can ensure you, one of the most fulfilling aspects of what Kev has the pleasure in doing is not just to be a mentor and coach of his business, but to also have the pleasure of being able to speak to individuals and help them achieve the goals in their lives. 

How to Offer Yourself As A Coach

First and foremost, what Kev did to be able to offer himself as a coach, every early on...

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Affiliate Marketing Number One Warning (Don't Do This)


So, you are interested in affiliate marketing, great! Well...In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you the number one warning when it comes to affiliate marketing. Ultimately, I want you to be successful, and if you do this, then you will not be successful, and this is one of the key things which Kev has personally learned over the last 5-6 years, and  learning everything he can when it comes to affiliate marketing.

My goal here is to share with you this number one warning, set you up for long-term massive success in your affiliate journey.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending a product or a service to others, via a referral link, which is signed and tracked to you, and if you have a potential prospect or a potential person who you are talking to, go through your link, and sign up to that product or service, then, if they have an affiliate programme, then you would get a commission. 

Affiliate marketing is a...

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How to Overcome Fear


In this blog post, I am going to be talking about a topic that impacts us all, and that is how to overcome fear of the future, the unknown, your life, and your business. The point of this blog post, is for me to share some of the things which Kev has come to learn to face up to a fear, and really being aware of his insecurities - why he is feeling scared or worried taking an action.

Since 2015, Kev, Kylie and the team have been going into the unknown, as they took the leap into entrepreneurship. Fear can come in all parts of life; becoming a parent, taking a new job, starting a relationship, starting a business, or quitting your job. 

There is a lot in life, especially after all we have gone through e.g, the pandemic, COVID-19, the uncertainty of what's happening - inflation, rising costs, difficulties, schools, and just trying to live everyday life - navigating and trying to manage everything, which may feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. Amongst...

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3 Tips To Ensure You Achieve Your Goals


In this blog post, I am going to be talking about how you can achieve your goals. It is important for you to be motivated and inspired so that you can achieve these goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

In this blog post, I am going to be talking specifically on how you can achieve your goals, give yourself the best opportunity and chance to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

A lot of people, in February, only 2 months later, have already started to give up on the goals which they have set themselves for their New Year's Revolutions, and there are some really specific and crucial reasons for that - people simply get discouraged, and they fall back into their day and day living.

You Have to Make It a Must

You have to get to a point where you make it a must. That is the most critical aspect of you achieving anything. If you make it a must - if you make anything a must, it will happen.

How does that happen? How do you make something a must? That is...

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Top 5 Success Principles To Take Your Life & Business To The Next Level


In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you the top 5 success principles to take your life and business to the next level. What are the top principles for you to focus on, which are going to change your life? This is ultimately what it is all about. If you stick and focus on these all the time, you are going to improve your life!

Take 100% Responsibility In Your Life

The first principle to share is to take 100% responsibility in your life. Wherever you are right now, it doesn't matter if you are winning or losing, whether you are in a good or bad place, you have got to take 100% responsibility for where you are; the actions you have taken in your life, has got you to this point.

Once you can take 100% responsibility for your own life, this means that you are looking internal not external, and at this point, you will focus on what you are doing, not what other people are doing. 

Decide What You Want

Whatever you have done up until this point, wherever you are right...

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How Can You Be Consistent In Your Life & Business Taking Massive Action Everyday?


This blog post is going to share with you, how you can be consistent in your life. If you want massive success in your life, if you want to take massive action every single day, then it is going to come down to consistency - taking massive action consistently over a long period of time, which will compound the result that you want.

This blog post, I am going to be going through some tips which Kev has learnt since 2015, when Kev and Kylie started building their online business, where they were able to quit their jobs and move out into a warehouse within 12 months. It completely changed their lives. It all came down to the ability to be consistent every single day.

Belief, Psychology, and Practical Point of Views

When it comes to consistency, there are a number of things, from a belief point of view to a psychology point of view, to then a practical point of view, and what you can actually do in life.

From a psychology point of view, there are a number of things which play a key part...

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16 Personality Traits & Qualities to Have in Your Inner Circle, Mastermind or Business Partners


As the saying goes, your network is your net worth, and this can make such a big difference. The people who you surround yourself with, the people which you have in your inner circle, your mastermind, the people who you go into partnerships with - maybe joint ventures with, they can make such a big difference on the ultimate outcome of your business, and therefore, this is something which you want to really think about closely. Who are the right people? Who are the wrong people? If you get this wrong, it can make such a big difference between success and failure of the goals which you have.

So, in this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you 16 personality traits and qualities, which you want to have around your inner circle and your mastermind group. This is something which Kev focuses on whenever he is building relationships, developing friendships, developing and growing his mastermind or inner circle, and even when he is thinking about going into different partnerships or...

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3 Reasons Why Hiring New Team Members Fail


In this blog post, you are going to learn the 3 major reasons why hiring new team members fail, and these 3 reasons are 100% avoidable just by taking action in the right way.

Prepare Your Business

The first reason why hiring may fail for you is by not preparing your business; prepare your business for hiring. You need to have to have the preparation in place, and the clarity on what it is that you are hiring for. 

A lot of people, will just go straight out onto Upwork, or straight out onto, or, or whatever it may be, and they will just go create the post and hire someone, but not taken the time to prepare their business.

What do I mean by preparing the business? 

You need to take the time to prepare your business, by firstly, creating the documentation in your business. The person you are hiring, needs to know what your business is all about, so it is all about that business objective, what your business is doing, and what the objective of...

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The 3 Phases Of A Successful Online Arbitrage Business - Powerful Model To Gauge Your Progress


In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you the 3 phases of a successful online arbitrage business. I am going to give you an online arbitrage example. These 3 phases can be used to gauge your progress where you currently are, manage your expectations where you are in terms of your life cycle of your business, then really look towards the future and plan ahead to know you are going to transition between these stages, and ultimately have a successful business. This is coming from experience, this is Kev's experience, and the 3 stages of what Kev has come to learn.


The first phase when you are starting an online arbitrage business is simply learning. You are going to be consuming a lot of information you are going to be researching a lot of information about what is online arbitrage, and what the strategies are, what the technics are, what the tools are, and it is going to be that first phase where you are just simply learning. You are rapidly trying to consume as much...

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Warning Before You Move Your Amazon FBA Business into a Warehouse


If you are currently considering moving your Amazon FBA business into a warehouse, then this is the blog post for you, because we are going to be talking about a brand new heads of terms for a new lease, a brand new contract, for a brand new warehouse. And I am going to be sharing with you everything which Kev has learnt over the last 5 years - moving into two different warehouses. 

Since 2015, when Kev first started his Amazon business, Kev had the ambition with Kylie to move into a warehouse. They wanted to quit their jobs and get out there; they always knew this, but at the time everything is new, and is in the unknown, what do they need to think about in terms of leases, contracts, profitability, expenses, what do they have to think about with the different charges involved. Kev and Kylie have now navigated their way through, and I am going to share everything with you!

Are You Really In Need of a Warehouse?

This was Kev last year. When Kev and Kylie first moved into this...

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