16 Personality Traits & Qualities to Have in Your Inner Circle, Mastermind or Business Partners

business ecommerce Nov 08, 2021

As the saying goes, your network is your net worth, and this can make such a big difference. The people who you surround yourself with, the people which you have in your inner circle, your mastermind, the people who you go into partnerships with - maybe joint ventures with, they can make such a big difference on the ultimate outcome of your business, and therefore, this is something which you want to really think about closely. Who are the right people? Who are the wrong people? If you get this wrong, it can make such a big difference between success and failure of the goals which you have.

So, in this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you 16 personality traits and qualities, which you want to have around your inner circle and your mastermind group. This is something which Kev focuses on whenever he is building relationships, developing friendships, developing and growing his mastermind or inner circle, and even when he is thinking about going into different partnerships or joint ventures. He is always thinking about these personality traits, because they can make such a huge difference. 


The first thing which Kev looks for is trust. The people who you are surrounding yourself with, your inner circle, your mastermind group, your business partners, the first thing is that you must be able to trust that person. If they do anything which jeopardises the trust that you have, going behind your back and talking about anything, or they are taking action which is in conflict with the trust, then it is super important that you distance yourself away from them, because if they are willing to go against the trust and the relationship which you have, then that is a big red flag.



What you talk about, stays private. What you talk about and what you share, needs confidentiality. The things which you talk about, shouldn't be public - you don't want to be going around and telling everyone about it. You don't want to be gossiping, and you don't want to do anything which goes against the trust. Have that confidentiality of what you talk about. 



Are you accessible if they need you? If they need something or if there is an emergency, are you there? One of the things which Kev does with his personal inner circle members and mastermind, because of the trust, Kev gives his personal mobile number. If they need Kev, then they can give them a call.

If it is an emergency, Kev will stop the meeting he is in, and the work which he is doing. If they need Kev, he is there. Accessibility is paramount. 


Contribution Focused

Are they contribution focused? Making a difference to others, being able to share, or make a difference. You want people to want to contribute to others, and share with others, and make a difference in other people's lives, whether that is contributing to different causes or even contributing to your mastermind, by sharing ideas, insights, and sharing what you are working on. If they are confiding or hiding that or against that, then you don't want this a part of your inner circle or mastermind. 


Never Ending Learner

We are never ending the journey of growth; we are never ending the skills that we can learn, progress, adapt and when you come from a growth mindset, those are the people you want to surround yourself with. Fix mindsets can have a negative impact on you. They may not be willing to be open-minded, not wanting to grow, or whatever the situation may be, you want to be surrounding yourself with people who are growing, progressing, energetic, motivated, and inspired to take action. 

Attention to Detail 

One of the things which Kev has always focused on is attention to detail, not just with his business operations, his systems and his developing, but also his mastermind peers and inner circle members. Kev tries his best to have attention to detail with everything that he does, whether that is someone's birthday, sending a message, sending a letter, whatever it may be. Attention to detail - making the experience a lot more rich. If someone is celebrating something or they have a new item or a new haircut, attention to detail and be aware of that.


Respect each other, respect someone else's wishes, respect their boundaries, what they believe in and have that respect. If they don't respect you, then they are possibly going to go against your trust. 

Got Each others' Backs 

It is super important to be there. You need to have each others' backs. If anyone of Kev's members needed him, if he needed to be on a call, if he needed to travel and be there, then he has got their backs. 


If you are dependable, if your inner circle knows that you are dependable, if you have got people around you like close friends, your business friends, you can depend on each other. If you have got a task to do, you are doing this, they are doing that - you can depend that they have got that covered and you can focus on what you need to. 

Fun and Humble 

You have got to have some fun, and light-heartedness in there. I know we have spoken about respect and trust, but you also want to have some fun and be humble. You have got to have that fun and humbleness around the culture of your inner circle. Stay grounded and focus on that mission a-hand.

If you would like to join Kev's inner circle, you can find it here: https://www.systemisefulfilment.co.uk/systemise-inner-circle-for-life-application


Massive Action 

Your inner circle, your mastermind, take massive action. That is what it is all about. Kev has always said take massive action every day, and that's what you want to be around - it's contagious, it is building that momentum. You take massive action every single day.


They believe in systems. Systemisation of their businesses. When you are talking about building systems, building something from nothing to something, it is all about the belief in systems, and if you have got that around you, that makes a big difference around you, in your partnerships and in your masterminds. 

Superstar Team Building 

Your inner circle, your mastermind, your partners, they believe in team building - you can't do everything by yourself. You are not a one-man-band. Teamwork makes the dream work - it is not all about me, it is about we. It is about us together collective as. a team.

Long Term Patience, Short Term Urgency 

This comes down to taking massive action every day, but knowing that the ultimate visions which you have, the mission which you are all on, you have got to be patient. It might take you 5 years, 10 years, 20 years to get to where you want to be, but all of you together, a part of your inner circle, mastermind group, you are all in it for the long term, but you are urgent every single day.


You are open up for your partnerships; if you have got business partnerships which you are wanting to do with your inner circle or your mastermind group, your friends, you are open to partnerships.

Share Opportunities 

The last thing is ultimately all about opportunities, you share opportunities, you share the growth, you share what you are trying to do, you are always sharing and giving opportunity out to people. 

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