How You Can Open 3 Wholesale Accounts In 24 Hours

trade show wholesale Oct 04, 2021

In this blog post, you are going to learn the major insights on opening 3 wholesale accounts over the space of 24 hours, and that has been the result over the last 8 weeks of building a relationship, seeking out and finding these wholesalers, to the point where I say opened up accounts, it means that we now have an account with the wholesalers, we can place orders with the wholesalers, and even have phone numbers, where you can get on the phone right now, make a call, and speak about your account, and place an order on any amount of products that we desire (If they have it in stock). 

The journey really started seriously in August 2018, and and it was the beginning of August, when Kev was invited to the FBA Academy, which is a seller conference that is held every year by Andy Laurence from wholesale, and he invited Kev there to speak and share our journey, what they had done over the last 3 years within their operations at the time. He had a presentation about wholesale, and that is what Kev wanted to go down there for. Kev learnt some incredible insights from this presentation, which had allowed Kev to open these accounts. 

Create a Website

Create a website. It's just a static page, your own URL. Kev just had a picture of his warehouse, the names of their brand and contact details - that is all you need - it's just a static page. If anyone then lands on this page, they can quickly see that you have got a warehouse, see that you have got an email address and a contact form which they can go on, and it starts to build an image on who you are.

Would you like to learn how to create a website? Watch the video below!

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Create Business Cards

Kev created his own business cards, and he called himself a purchasing manager for the brand, so it wasn't like he was the owner of the business, and he wasn't the director of the business - he was a purchasing manager. The goal behind this is to paint that picture that you are a bigger company and business. So, this made a really big first impression, because Kev then got the opportunity to go to a trade show in Birmingham, which was the Autumn fair here in the UK. 

Because Kev went there with the intention on building relationships with people, going there with his business card, his website all set up, and going there on the last day of trading.

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Go to a Trade Show the Last Day of Trading

Going the last day of trading is good, because the people are wanting to get as much business as they can. So, it felt to Kev like a lot of people were trying to get him as a customer, instead of trying to find the wholesaler himself. 

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Dress Smartly

Wear nice, smart clothing. Wear a shirt, suit trousers, and clean and polished shoes. Don't just come in a t-shirt and joggers.

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Go to Trade Shows

Then approach the wholesalers with confidence, let them know who you are and what your business is currently doing - let them know your plans for the future. 

The results are great when it comes to trade shows. Kev has tried to go online before, and tried to find wholesalers, but the reality is, some wholesalers, you may not even find online. You are not going to just be able to find them with a Google search, because the wholesalers may be on page 1000 on Google, and you're never going to scroll that far.

The wholesalers that you find on pages 1 and 2, that is who thousands of other people are going to find, and that is where the competition is going to be.

It is much better to go to a trade show, where there are actual people there, who you can build a relationship with. At trade shows, there is just a whole range of suppliers and distributors, in different categories, whether it is toys and games, groceries, kitchen and home - you name it, it is there. 

Eventually, after speaking to a bunch of different wholesales, you will be asked for meetings, you will receive emails, and you will eventually have a huge pile of brochures and different leaflets and business cards. 

Learn more about trade shows here:

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Set Foundations

After this, you need to look within your team to build foundations of what you are going to do. You need to check the different wholesalers out from the brochure or leaflet you received, look through all of them with the team, and give a direct call to them. 

You can then go through a number of wholesalers, to the point where you have multiple thousands of pounds of products which you would like to purchase, then give them a call again, and see who is willing to send over a form for an account.

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