Online Marketing For Non-Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

So you call yourself an entrepreneur? 

That’s great! Only occasionally are there people who have the guts to take their financial future into their own hands or launch a business in today’s digital landscape. 

However, the world of entrepreneurship isn’t what it used to be! 

Today, rather than using traditional advertising and marketing techniques, like billboards advertisements or TV commercials, it’s increasingly important for businesses to rely on digital marketing and an active online presence to connect them with their target audience. 

Now, for the non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs out there reading this, I can already hear you saying, “Online marketing? No thanks! I’ll stick to my newspaper ads.” 

But I’m here to tell you that online marketing is nowhere near as complicated as it may seem and that it is crucial to your success in today’s digital marketplace.  

What Is Online Marketing? 


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