4 Ways Creatives Can Stand Out When Monetising Their Passions

Guest Post By Stevie Nicks

man speaking in front of crowd

The rise of the side hustle has seen many creatives emboldened to monetise their passions, skills and hobbies at a rate never before seen.

It’s not all craft stores and private tutoring sessions though. Monetising your most deeply
held passions has been deemed achievable by the advent of the internet, allowing people to experiment with becoming affiliates of major eCommerce brands or world-famous YouTube stars.

Okay, maybe that’s not a realistic aim for everyone with a specialist skill, but the market is at a place where you can dream big. If you’re struggling for ways to turn your passion into cold hard cash (and help inspire others along the way), here are four monetisation methods to try.

Produce online learning material

High-quality educational material is highly sought after, with everyone from students to small business owners eager to find insight that gives them a competitive edge.
The world of online learning has grown...

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