Top 5 Success Principles To Take Your Life & Business To The Next Level

business ecommerce Nov 25, 2021

In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you the top 5 success principles to take your life and business to the next level. What are the top principles for you to focus on, which are going to change your life? This is ultimately what it is all about. If you stick and focus on these all the time, you are going to improve your life!

Take 100% Responsibility In Your Life

The first principle to share is to take 100% responsibility in your life. Wherever you are right now, it doesn't matter if you are winning or losing, whether you are in a good or bad place, you have got to take 100% responsibility for where you are; the actions you have taken in your life, has got you to this point.

Once you can take 100% responsibility for your own life, this means that you are looking internal not external, and at this point, you will focus on what you are doing, not what other people are doing. 

Decide What You Want

Whatever you have done up until this point, wherever you are right now, it doesn't really matter where you are up to right now - you have just got to decide what you want, decide where you want to go in your life, decide how you want to live your life, decide what you want to do as a career or business, decide where you may want to travel, and what experiences you want. Ultimately, once you have taken responsibility, and you have decided what you want, that is going to get you on the path to ultimately changing your life and being successful. 

Believe it is Possible

Believe that you can do it. For Kev, when he was an electrical engineer, he was not in a good place in life, he didn't have the freedom or the money - Kev was very low on self-esteem and his confidence, and you have to go through the process of what you want, then believe that you can be the one to make it happen. You have got to be the one who believes that you can do it, no matter what circumstance you are in; whether you have got or not got money, you are debt or not, overweight or not, whether you have got access to the resources which you need or not - you need to believe that it is possible. Once you believe that it is possible, it will open your mind up to what actions you need to take.

Believe mural painting

Engineer it Right Back to Each day

The fourth success principle, and this one is extremely important. This is to chunk it down to one day at a time. You need to reverse engineer your path in your life to each day as it comes. Don't think that you want to be a millionaire, and believe that it is going to happen overnight, you have got to chunk it down and reverse engineer it right down to today. What are you doing today, which your future self is going to thank you for? What actions are you taking today? This is why Kev has his growth tasks. What are you doing today which is going to give you the life which you are ultimately wanting to achieve? 

Would you like to learn more about task management? Watch this video here, where Kev talks about the 3 phases of task management in your business:

Take Massive Action

The final principle is to take massive action. You have to take massive action on today, what you are doing today. You do not go anywhere in life unless you take action, so you have got to take action on everything which you are doing right now. 


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