Systemise Fulfilment Signs 2nd SystemiseSeller™ - Gavin Sweeney


Systemise Fulfilment is proud and excited to share the signing of Gavin Sweeney as the second “Official SystemiseSeller”.

  • A proven and validated successful eCommerce business. He currently operates his 7 figure business achieving $2million + in first 12 months. 
  • Demonstrated the same core values as Systemise Fulfilment which are results, taking massive action, team building, systems and contribution supporting 10,000’s of others in his community.

Gavin has made the following statement on the announcement:

"Systemise Fulfilment has fully supported me from 0 sales in January to over 2 million sales just a year after. From 0 units to 15000 units a month all without losing my parcels. A massive thank you for handling such an impressive operation and fully supporting my growth.

Thanks to the help of Systemise Fulfilment, I live my life fully as a nomad. I travel between Mexico, Colombia, England, Philippines and Thailand. I do not see a single product that I sell.

Systemise Fulfilment is so systemised to the extent that you will have experts for specific tasks, this means you have one basic dealing with specific tasks resulting in much quicker feedback when you are requesting help.

We have typically had our shipment turn around time in under 48 hours while offering us so much flexibility if we need to return stock, hold stock at the warehouse for a while and they are very quick to notify us when stock is damaged. Being notified quickly on damaged stock is key as suppliers will always have a claim window so finding out 2 weeks after the center has received the stock will never work! This is very interesting to me because it means they are Proactive about informing you on the status of your stock!

We have always had escalation points to our account manager at Systemise Fulfilment, if need further assistance outside normal business operations they are always there to help.

Sometimes Systemise will run promotional offers where if you ship X amount of units you can get 10-20% discount on that month, or 3 months prep fees! Systemise understand that we must all work together to grow and that we can, and should all win together."

Gavin will join our Systemise Mission by the following:

  • Create exclusive & valuable training to Systemise Partners.
  • Be a leader & host in future virtual masterminds.
  • Be a leader & host in future in person events.

Continue doing what he has always done, support and help others for a compounded impact together.

Because, at Systemise Fulfilment, we are committed to doing more and being more than our partners expect.

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