Systemise Group Ultimate Vision Update - May 2023💡

Coming into 2023 with difficult market conditions, raising costs (energy costs, waste costs, insurance costs, security costs etc) and the high complexity of what we are working hard to achieve, we set ambitious targets that requires a collaborative synergy between our team and our partners around the world. 

To navigate any storm successfully, you will always be stronger together and therefore we haven’t just continued with our core values and beliefs, we have doubled (quadrupled) our efforts to remain true in our ultimate vision. 

Our decision making filtering system is based on long term success in 2030, not 2023. We believe by acting on a guiding philosophy of “short term urgency, long term patience”, it leads us to act logically to the needs of tomorrow, while building a massive action ecosystem of today.

Therefore, in 2023 alone, we have:

  • Invested heavily into our foundations and infrastructure. Advancing our technologies, processes and systems to be able to ship 100,000’s units as efficiently as possible while making our warehouses as comfortable and inspiring as possible for our team to LOVE coming to work. A runner up in business excellence awards was a huge celebration of this. 
  • Invested heavily into our team. We strongly believe that for any business to achieve its ultimate vision, a superstar team isn’t optional, it’s necessary. Our unique Systemise Team Blueprint was launched internally in 2022 which is committed to building differently and being future focused. Over £4,500 in additional bonuses have been paid directly to our team in order to support / combat raising living costs despite wage raises. We want to attract and cultivate level 10 superstars for a level 10 mission long term. 
  • Continued to problem solve and innovate our services to help support our partners. We have launched new services such as shipping from UK to USA, negotiated cost saving deals with in house partnered carriers, developed our mentorship programs and invited incredible guests to our masterminds (recently, Brandon, an 8 figure successful entrepreneur). 💡
  • Continued to support local community businesses, charities and foundations. Scunthorpes first baby memorial rainbow garden is now in its peak season and looking beautiful. Iron Freaks strongman competitions are an incredible experience of strength and desire. The iron forge has had multiple donations of food and clothing. We are proud supporters of lendwithcare supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries. 
  • Our green innovative is well under the way with a brand new install cardboard bailer, all our warehouse roof panels are set to be replaced and we are working towards solar panels. 

The Systemise Group currently consists of Systemise Fulfilment and Systemise Deals. Over the next 6 months, at least TWO more functions are planned to launch under the Systemise Umbrella. 

Since 2015, we have moved into the unknown with courage and calculated risks (one all entrepreneurs must do) Therefore I’m committing to share updates to our Systemise Group Ultimate Vision into the future and contribute as much as possible to others in their pursuit of their personal and/or professional goals (we salute and support you).

Thanks for reading.

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