13 Reasons Why People Fail to Build A Successful Online Business

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The goal of this blog post is to encourage emotion and to help you understand why you may be struggling to build a successful business, so that you are able to pursue and continue on the right track, so that you have the freedom and independence to be able to do what you want and focus on what you want to. Maybe you want location independence and you want to be free to travel the world or maybe you just want to be financially free and no longer be unable to afford something which you really want. This is the potential of an online business. So, let's talk about some of the reasons you may not be succeeding so that you are able to achieve these things.


1 – Not Open 

 It is the most fundamental, they are not open to an opportunity. They are not open to believe that an online business is even a possibility.  

When Kev started his online business while he was an engineer, he was motivated and inspired and every night he was making it happen. The day he quit his job, 80% of people could not believe what he was doing. If you believe that it is not going to work, then the truth is that you have already failed. People are pessimistic about it and they don’t think that it is an actual reality.  

And those people should question that mindset and ask themselves: “What are the results that people have got?” Look at the references and have a look at what people have achieved and how their life has been affected. It is surreal.  

The closer of a reference that you can get to you, the better and more powerful it will be. 

Business Plan: Defining Your Opportunity | Covenant Group 

2 – Not Motivated Enough 


The truth is that some people are simply just not motivated enough, they have not been triggered enough to being open for a brand-new opportunity and wanting to do something different. Kev’s mentor once said, “The day your life changes is the day where you say that you have had enough and that you are going to make it happen”. This means you are going to do whatever it takes to succeed, and that only happens when you are triggered emotionally, and something occurred which made you raise your standards. You are either incredibly inspired or it is desperation. People that have been the most successful have come from the most significant amount of desperation, something negative happened to them, physically or emotionally, which has triggered them so much that has made them think to themselves that they will try their hardest and succeed.  

 7 Key-Steps to Motivate and Inspire Your Team - Invista

3 – No Belief in Themselves  


If you are going to be successful and you are going to do something that defies the odds with online business, which impacts the world, this isn’t going to be possible without belief in oneself. You must have certainty with everything that you have. If you have an inner conflict with belief, you must work on that and work on yourself. There are lots of things that you can do at this moment, like your ecosystem, environmentpeople who you choose to hang around with, the people who you are influenced by and what your references of the world are. You must have belief even when others don’t.  

 Believing in yourself is the secret to success - SIAL

4 – Do Not Commit 


Some people do not commit to massive action. Taking massive action is taking action which commits you without no second opportunity and chance and commits you towards your goals. If you want to take on the island, burn your boats. When you are taking massive action in your business, that is an unstoppable wave, a whole tsunami of momentum pushing you forward. It is obliterating everything in its path and you will find the way.  

Writing Note Showing Time To Commit Business Photo Showcasing Engagement Or  Obligation That Restricts Freedom Of Action Stock Illustration - Download  Image Now - iStock


5 – Fear of Failure 


One of the things which you are going to experience is the feeling of failure and loss, but fear is natural, and it happens to all. Fear is what allows us to have a subconscious brain to see whether you are safe or not, it makes sure you are awake and alertFear also means that you are taking it seriously. One of the best things to do is to think to yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?” Because this may motivate you. Don’t go against fear, use it as fuel.  

 How Does Scrum Help you Realize the Value of failure? | Scrum.org

6 – Not Willing to Invest  


Not willing to invest in themselves, mentors, teams and courses. People feel as if they know it all, but the truth is, while you are on this journey and building your business, there are people who have done itwho have been there and experienced it. This could save you years. You could work super hard for the next 5, 10 or 20 years and you will achieve everything, but the truth is, if you would have just invested in yourself, invested in a coach or mentor, a mastermind group, or a program which could show you step-by-step, you could do this so much easier and would be much less stressed than you would have been. You are not going to have all the expertise and you need to develop a superstar team around you with the same vision. There are many more people who have been successful with investment in themselves, teams, their businesses and resources, because it is necessary. 

 Person Holding Black Ceramic Teapot

7 – Relentless Commitment  


Relentless commitment, focus and sacrifice. What is meant by this is when you are building an online business for the first time, or any time, and you have lots of opportunities flying your way and you are going for each one. What you need to do is have a core focus. This may mean sacrifice and loss of time on weekends, waking up earlier, going to bed later or missing out on holidays. This is what comes with relentless commitment.  

 Interest vs Commitment | Lornapowe's Blog

8 – Around Wrong People  


Surrounded by the wrong people. You are so influenced by other people. If someone laughs at you, you feel insecure, if somebody doesn’t give you the same level of respect and sets you down, by telling you that you are not good enough, smart enough, young enough, old enough, displays sexual discrimination or sexism, then you are going to feel down about it. There are so many things which feed our minds and give us limited beliefs. Fear of rejection, being judged and not being accepted can have such a significant effect on you. You have got to shield yourself; you have got to be like the lioness defending their clubs. Whoever gives you negativity or just a negative vibe, then remove them.  

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9 – Reviewing Progress  


Somebody may be too focused on what they are doing, that they don’t realise that they have gone 10 miles the wrong way, therefore you must get your head out of the clouds and ask yourself which way you are going. By doing this it will allow you to develop skills in anticipation. You need to look long-term as well as short-term, make sure you are looking years ahead.  

The Risk Of Reviewing The Reviewer | TechCrunch 

10 – Experimentation – Test Actions 


This is willing to lose to learn. Experimenting and doing tests within the business and doing tests in your life and seeing for yourself whether it works or not, and if you lose, you learn something. There is no failure, only learning and lessons. Do different experiments within your business such as email, different ways of marketing, different systems in operation, or testing new tools in your business. More testing means you will evolve, and you will optimise. 

 What are Business Experiments? Theory, forms and steps | toolshero

11 – Lacking Patience 


 You have seen the image where there are two people mining for diamonds, and the first person gives up right at the end within 2mms away from getting the diamonds. But the second person is still focused and has the mindset that they are not going to stop until they hit it. You have got to be in this for the long-term. You need the view that you are still around 10 years' time. You need to be full of energy and be so driven that you are still going to be around in a decade and not have given up, you need to have patience.  

 Why Patience Is a Virtue in Leaders | IndustryWeek

12 – No Initiative or Creativity  


You must see something and use your initiative to see that it is an opportunity for you. There are wrong and right ways of having initiative and you must have people around you who also have initiative in business. If you are trying to build a business and not everyone has initiative, not knowing what to do in a situation, you are going to struggle. If you don’t know how to have that initiative by yourself and have anticipation of the future, then you have to develop it and have the creativity to think what to do differently.  

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13 – Compare Yourself to Others 


When someone compares themselves to others and they feel bad, asking themselves: Why have I not done this? Why can’t do that? Why have they got the results and not me? Comparing yourself to others is a natural thing to do, but you must work on yourself and think that you don’t know that person. You could have built a business 3 years ago, then someone builds a business 3 months ago and is already more successful than you. But you don’t know this person and their history with business. This person may have built a business in the past, have more capital than you, have system experience or a different coach. This means that you cannot judge yourself by comparing yourselves to others, so try your best not to. 

 13 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others


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