Amazon FBA Wholesale for Beginners: Phone Call Script & Sourcing Through Stock Lists

wholesale Mar 03, 2021

If you are currently looking at building relationships with wholesale suppliers, you will have to get on phone calls and speak with the sales representatives. In the previous post, we showed "How To Find Wholesale Suppliers For Your Amazon FBA Business?" which can now be put into practice. 

Phone Call Script with Wholesaler Example 

Here is a brief example of a potential conversation that you may have: 

Wholesale Phone Call Objective 

Whenever you are speaking to somebody, your primary objective is to open an account or get the instructions required to open an account. Wholesale is about building a great relationship which can help you build your wholesale business. 

Once you have gone through your wholesale supplier , you may not know any prices or stock at the current moment, you are just wanting to open an account with them. So, the objective is how quickly you can get to the person you need to speak to, what is the process in opening the account and what are some of the things that you may need to know.  

Stay Calm, Do Not Overthink

One other thing to think about is you may have never actually spoken to someone on the phone before in this type of way. Do not feel alarmed and nervous or if you are not sure what to say, and if you may not have the confidence to speak to someone on the phone, then do not worry about that – it is completely normal to feel this way, especially if you come from an online arbitrage model for example; if you have never actually spoken to someone on the phone, then those nervous feelings are completely normal. You may have some wonderful experiences; you may say something that is wrong or stutter, but do not worry about it. You are going to speak to a lot of people, and the more people that you speak to, the more confident you are going to feel, and you are going to learn a lot. 

What Is the Goal?

The primary goal of this call is to inform the open account management that you have a business, that you are online, you are an eCommerce business, you are focused on your own website, you do use third party marketplaces and that you do comply with terms and conditions 

All these things that are so important depend on what they say to you. If they say they have an application for all customers to fill out, which will ask for more information about your company, it would be the best-case scenario. The forms are all different, it will have all the standard information that you are going to need – your business details, contact details, references and company registration details. There are going to be a lot of checks that they may do. There are several different things that they will look for regarding opening the account.  

There are many ways the phone call may go. Some phone calls may be successful, some may not. You will need to preserve with relationship build either via email or social media I.e., LinkedIn.   

With further wholesale training at, Kev shares within the Wholesale Academy, which goes through many different scenarios.   

Wholesale Stock List Set Up and Reviewing  

Once you have opened the account with your wholesale supplier, you will then be able to gain access to their stock list. Their stock list may come via email or Excel Sheet, there are many ways wholesalers will share their stock list with you.  Once you have got the stock list from wholesale suppliers, it is going to have a description, a barcode number, and possibly order quantities and limits. For example, somebody may have a minimum order quantity of £200 or £3000, it depends on who it is you are speaking to. But it is recommended you just go through lists and look at the products. If you do have team members, it is recommended that the team member just starts and goes through the list and source – searching on Amazon with the barcodes, or description. You are trying to find the product that they are wanting to sell.  

Example of a stock list

Kev has a lot of videos where he discusses what tools you may want to use: 

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A big part of when you start getting into wholesale is the relationship build, the potential to build a great working relationship with your account manager. And one day, you may be able to request different discounts.  

This is a real human aspect of wholesale. If, for example, you were sourcing through the list, it is going to take time, but keep persevering. The more detail that you are, the more your team goes through it, the more likely you are to find an item.  

When it comes to a discount POV, you can start to put them in extra columns. For example, what would the orders be, if you were able to get a 5% discount or a 10% discount. This is not to say that you will be able to get these discounts, as it is dependent on your relationship and how you go about building this relationship, but it is interesting to know what products that you could potentially order when you have got different discounts included. This would be great for you to start developing your negotiation skills, in terms of when you first place your orderWhat you are wanting to do is to not make a bad impression by to just start asking for a discount straight away.  

You may want to place just a regular order and say, “Thank you very much, really looking forward to working with you” and try this a couple of times. Then, what you can start filtering in is, what would the order total be if there were no discount, what the order total would be if there were a 5% discount, 10% discount and 15% discount. And what you can start to do is get an idea of which products would potentially be winners for you and what you may want to purchase if you were able to get those deals.  

If for example, your order total as normal was £1000, but if you were able to get a 5% discount, it would be £1300, if it was 10% discount, it would be £1700 and if it were 15% it might be £2500. So, you are now getting different order totals, and as time goes on, and as you start to build the relationship with the supplier, depending on the relationship, you can start to do different negotiations. They are not going to want to do business with you, they are going to want to do regular business with you, but it is important to understand clearly from their POV if they cannot do this, but it is definitely worth a try.  

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