How Can You Make Your First Income Online?


In this blog post, you will learn how to make your first income online sharing 3 beginner business models that you could start as a side hustle today.

Imagine how amazing it would feel if you make your first pound or dollar online. Imagine the amazing belief, the confidence it would provide to you to take massive action to make that one pound or two pound, make it ten pounds, make it one hundred pounds, a thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds, one hundred thousands of pounds and more online. Imagine the difference it would make to your lives. 

You may want freedom in your life, opportunity in your life, and want the ability to build something from potentially nothing, then this is going to be an amazing blog post for you.

Online Business Model 1

The first online business model for you to consider is selling physical products. Physical products, the rise of eCommerce has been exponential over the past few years. Since the internet, being able to sell physical products every day, products everything from home and kitchen, to garden, to clothing, to entertainment - you name it. There are so many categories and websites around the world that are selling physical products. People now online, purchasing every single day whether that is from places like China, or whether that is from your local country in the supermarkets; wherever it may be, people are used to now purchasing online, on laptops, on Google, or on your mobile apps. 

For Kev, he started with the online arbitrage business model on Amazon. Online arbitrage or the term arbitrage is taking advantage of the pricing differences across marketplaces for the same product. 

If you think of a physical product, any type of product. For example, let's say a calculator. Imagine you find a calculator in a retail store, and it's possibly on offer, and you have purchased it for one pound. Now, this exact same calculator could be available on Amazon, and on Amazon it could be £6.99.

Over the last 20 - 30 years, Amazon has made eCommerce incredibly convenient, it allows you to be in the comfort of your own home, you are able to purchase products online without even leaving your home. Amazon have built so much trust, if you purchased a product today, it could come tomorrow. People may not even take the time to search around for the product. Therefore, arbitrage is taking advantage of the difference between one marketplace, and seeing what it is like on Amazon. 

Learn more about online arbitrage here:

Online Business Model 2

The second online business model is for if you don't actually have a product or service, and you are not interested in buying and selling. If you aren't interested in physical products, you might be interested in recommending other products and services. This is a business model which is called affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending a product or service for a commission. You do not own the product and you do not own the service, you don't have to create the service, customer support, the delivery of that product or service, all you are doing is recommending that particular product or service, and you are going to be potentially paid by that product or service provider - a percentage of that commission that you have just got that sale. 

Depending on what product or service you want to recommend, there are many different niches. You can do everything from entertainment, education etc. If you are in a niche, you can go into different products and services, which you may be using right now, scroll all the way down to the bottom or search on Google, and you are looking for an affiliate programme. You will then get a link, which is your unique tracking link, then you can recommend that to others.

If they then go through your recommended, and purchase, you will make a commission. 

Learn more about affiliate marketing here, where we have an entire series:

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  Online Business Model 3

The third online business model is for if you want to create your own product or service. This is what we call information products. Information products are people online looking for information to achieve a certain income, whether that is to build something, overcome a challenge, whatever it may be, people are looking for information - they are looking for it through guides, PDF books, audio programmes, on YouTube - they are looking for information to help them achieve their goals.

What you can do is, you could use platforms such as Udemy to create and publish your first training programme, your first information product. This can be on any niche. Whatever experience that you have, if you have had years of experience - you play an instrument, you garden, you are an author, maybe you are into fashion or education, etc., there will be somebody online looking to be taught how to do these things.

Whatever it may be, you could create a 5 part model lessons, where you could teach what you're wanting to teach. 

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