Day 1 - eCommerce Super Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2022

affiliate marketing Mar 23, 2022

This is day 1 of the eCommerce super affiliate marketing challenge, where over the next 5 days, we are going to do absolutely everything we possibly can to support you by introducing affiliate marketing into your business, or even, taking your affiliate marketing to the next level. 

This is going to be a super exciting 5 days, where every day, we are going to go through a topic, and then we are going to have an encore implementation exercise, for you to not just learn some insights on how you can introduce, start or scale affiliate marketing in your business to the next level, but also take action. Without action, nothing happens. 

Whatever your goal is, whatever your intention is, whether it is just learning about affiliate marketing, and what it actually is, how you can get started and set up - you are going to learn so many great insights throughout these entire 5 days.

Day 1 Overview 

We are going to start with a day 1 overview, sharing what we are going to cover throughout this blog post. 

First of all, we are going to give you an explanation of what exactly affiliate marketing is, then we are going to cover what the two master skills are when it comes to affiliate marketing. Thirdly, we are going to cover an affiliate marketing blueprint/framework - this is a bird's eye view, this is a high level blueprint framework, which will help you for long-term massive success in your affiliate marketing business. 

Then, we are going to talk about different commissions, what the potential is, the different commissions which are available. Then, at the end, we are going to cover and talk about the costs which are involved, the timeframes, what the potential is, then we are going to talk about if it is passive etc.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Firstly, affiliate marketing is the process of you recommending or referring a product or service to someone else, and if they go through your unique tracking link, your unique link which is assigned to you, then that particular product or service, if it is through their referral and affiliate programme, they will assign commission to you, that you have actually got them a new customer.

What does that look like from a visual representation? 

Affiliate marketing works incredibly well when the other person has some sort of goal. This could be anything to do with being successful in their business, they want recommendations on entertainment, they want to learn to do something new and learn new skills, they could have many different goals.

As you make your way through this journey, you should be expecting different milestones and expecting different breakthroughs, learning how to source for the first time - what is a winning product? What is Keepa? All the tools which we use to analyse products. How do you ship to Amazon's seller central? What does Amazon show me within Amazon seller central?

Naturally, you should just be taking this journey up the hill. Creating new milestones - getting your first sale, selling more products, learning about repricers, and different reports within Amazon.  

Affiliate Marketing Master Skills

How can you be successful long-term when it comes to affiliate marketing? What do you have to do to be long-term successful? I recommend that you are always looking at the long-term of things. Whatever you start, whatever business you start, if it is affiliate marketing and you're trying to have supplementary or complementary income, always remind yourself that you are going to be doing this over the next 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, because it's an alignment to your core business.

If you think about the master skills from a bird's eye view, from a long-term success view, I have got it down to two master skills. 

1. Art Of Attraction

The first master skill is what we call the art of attraction. This is how you can go out there and have people attracted to you, and in Kev's opinion, the only way that you can be successful doing this long-term, is if you can be of service, and to be as valuable as you possibly can to other people, so that you can help them.

There are so many steps which people have to make and learn, experience and take action on, and you can be guide to them - you can guide them on their journey. 

2. Art of Promotion 

Once you have attracted people to you, now you have the potential to promote to those people who you have built a relationship with, that you have actually attracted within your community. 

This is after you have got some people who are interested, and you have provided some value to them. Then you have the ability to promote something to them, because they are now more willing to listen, because they understand that you care, they understand what you have gone through, they understand the journey which you have gone through, they understand the challenges, the failures, the successes which you have gone through. 

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint 

If someone is building a building, a construction company is building a building, a warehouse is being built - they are creating the drawings, they are creating the blueprints, the framework, on what that warehouse or what that building is going to look like on pieces of paper. 

It is great to do this, because you can then see the schematics, you can see how things come together. 

How does the art of attraction and the art of promotion actually come together?


Imagine there is a road, and on this road, there are people along it. And this road is where people hangout online. So, there are people on Facebook, there are people on Instagram, they're on LinkedIn, they're on YouTube, they're on Google, they're on TikTok - there are millions upon millions of people online. There are people online all the time on these platforms, and what we can do, is we can actually attract people from these platforms to your message. 

What you can do, is you can attract people from these platforms to your message, to what it is that you are trying to share, and the way we can do that, is by creating different content, whether that is on your own blog, broadcasts - you can create different pieces of content and be of service. 

Over time, you can create different pieces of content out online, which can attract people to you, based on who are on these platforms.

 You should be thinking to yourself, how you can be of best service as you possibly can. Everything from how to start, how to scale, how to systemise, how to hire, you can give top tips, you can share warnings, share your preferences and what worked for you. There are hundreds of different content which you could create

You best thing for you to do when starting off, is for you to pick one social media and start slowly. Yes, you can choose more, but, to start with, just pick the one. When Kev first started, he started with YouTube, he loved being in front of the camera, he can share, people can see, but you are either going to be in front of the camera, or you may prefer to do broadcasts, or you may prefer to do written, because you like to write.

You are simply just attracting people to you, and you are naturally going to start having subscribers, followers, and you are going to start attracting people to you, and attract people into the future. 


There are a couple of things from a promotional point of view, which are really important to understand. 

These platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, and other social media platforms are owned by themselves, not by you. This means that they have the potential, in the future, at any time, to take down and get rid of everything you have done. 

On Kev's own YouTube channel, he has over 1000 videos. However, YouTube could come along, and say that this channel is getting deleted, and there is no way of stopping that. You can check policies and make sure that you are doing everything correctly, but there is still always that risk. 

person using both laptop and smartphone

So, to protect ourselves, how can you take back control? 

The first thing you should do is start creating an email list - building and generating an email list. This email list is forever going to be yours. This is a list of people who have provided an email to you, and this email, no matter what happens, is always going to be in your library. You have permission of having that email, going into the future, until or unless they unsubscribe. 

It doesn't matter if YouTube get rid of your account, or if LinkedIn get rid of your account, that email is always going to be with you. 

Another thing which you own is your website, for example, your blog.

If you would like to check out our website, please click the link below:

When you start to think about long-term promotion, you want to start to think about how you can build assets which are working for you, which are emails and your website. 

Kev would recommend that you try and simplify this as much as you possibly can, you try to build one thing at a time, 

As you are building this relationship, and as you are adding value, you're helping people, your top tips, your reviews, your case studies, your stories, your vlogs etc. You could also start to create some free premiums. You could have top 10 tips, you could have additional training videos, you could have your setup on things etc. 

You could create a landing page, where you can send people to. On that landing page, you could give out a free course, you could have a free pdf, you could have some text, a video, a call to action, you could have who you are, your email address and contact details. Within the website, you could have multiple pages, and within the multiple pages, you could provide additional value.  

At the same time, you then get access to their email address, and what you can do once someone signs up is you can say, "congratulations, this is where you can get your pdf download, and this is where you can start your free course!"

Then, you can introduce yourself, share your story, share to the viewers how you started your business.

Then, you could start sharing top tips, and you can share how you overcame something, or different systems you put in place to be able to make your business work a lot more efficiently. 

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Affiliate Marketing Commission Potential 

What is the potential in terms of commission? There are different types of commissions to actually getting that referral, to getting that new customer. 

1. Low Ticket 

You could class this as a product which is less than £100. With a low ticket, you can get anywhere between 10% - 50%, and sometimes, you are able to get 100% on low ticket affiliate programmes, knowing the business has a backend and can recoup that money. 

2. High Ticket

This could be thousands of pounds. So, you could be selling something which is 2000 pound, 5000 pounds, 10,000 pounds. If you are now getting 50% commission on something which is 2000 pounds, you just made 1000 profit. 

3. Reoccurring Tickets 

This is usually something which you get monthly, so you think of subscription based memberships, there is Netflix, Sky, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and so many different services which you pay for on a monthly basis, and they could give you a commission - a 10% commission - every single month. 

So, if there is a membership which you sell that is 10% commission, and it is 200 pounds a month, then passively, you are going to get 20 pounds a month. 

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Affiliate Marketing Overview 


All of this will become a lot easier over time, because there are free platforms, and it has become a lot easier with the tools and how to create this. 20-30 years ago, trying to get anything on the internet was very difficult, now it is a lot easier; however, there are a lot of people that are not trustworthy. There has been a lot of spamming, and it can be quite difficult to build a relationship. 

So, the difficulty would be classed as intermediate 

Start Up Costs

This could be free if you are using free platforms, or it could be around up to 500 pounds. You could always get it much cheaper than this, depending on what you are using, the website you are going to use, the website hosting, and you can have different tools which you can use, and different lead magnets which you could use. 


This is a lot more difficult to answer. This is more long term. If you have already got a community, if you have already got access to people and you are already talking to people, and obviously it is going to be much quicker. But over the long term, if you get started with this, it may take a month, it might take two months, it might take six months, it might take 6 months. It's really how quickly and how much you can attract people to you. Some people have one video out on YouTube. Some people can put one video out on YouTube and go viral, and some people take a lot longer.


The potential could be as high as you want, it could be hundreds or thousands of pounds. 

Whatever your goal is, whether it is a hundred a month, a thousand a month, that is definitely within your potential. 


Passive is yes, but. It is passive from a perspective of as, you are building this content out, it's available forever. 

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