How to 4X Your Online Arbitrage Business with Sourcing Lists


In this blog post, I am going to explain to you why sourcing lists are a good thing and how they can 2, 3 or 4x your business. The goal behind this blog post is to answer deeply, the question which was asked in Kev's QnA video for Q1.

The question was this: What would you do if you started again? Would you go sourcing lists? Virtual assistants (VA)? Or would you go for tactical arbitrage (TA)? 

Kev's answer to this was, he would immediately start with sourcing list services, and he would sign up for anything he could, trial them all, and he would pick out the best one he could and stick with it. 

Here is an example of a sourcing list:

Within our packages, we have sourcing lists.

Here is the link for if you are interested in joining:

Read until the end to learn more about this!

Why Are Sourcing Lists Important?

For most people, sourcing can be super frustrating, and most people don't enjoy doing it. Not just this, it can also be super difficult trying to find the right items, which you will be able to make a profit from. 

This is why sourcing lists are ideal. By sourcing lists, I mean quality ones, which can actually help you find profitable product, and not bad ones. Because this is really what it is all about - profitable products, which you are purchasing. 

There are some positives and negatives to sourcing lists 

If you think of online arbitrage and you think of how time-consuming it is, imagine opening yourself up for this amount of products, all in one go. You sign up for it and the products which are not in-date, as it stands, you can refresh them - you can recapture them. But, if you go up to date, the day of your current date, your sourcing list will be updated all the time. You can find winners every day - this is depending on what your purchasing criteria is, and sourcing the service if you get a good one, they are going to have all greens and they are going to have 50-60% return investment. You are going to have the 4-5 pounds per unit, if not greater. 

If Kev didn't have his warehouse, his team or his virtual assistants, he would immediately be in a sourcing list service. The reason for a sourcing list service is you can have 10 products per day, in a specific category, depending on what you are un-gated in - toys and games, groceries, whatever it could be, you review those products, you purchase those products, as per your criteria. You can get started straight away, it gives you a library of products. But, it is because of the cost - you are in it for a relatively small amount. You're in a sourcing list, if you have got a decent sourcing list, then it is fantastic, because you are not having to run the tactical arbitrage scans, you are not having to process that data, you are not having to do anything. You genuinely just sign up, whatever service you are using, and you get into it. You pick as many products as you want, and you can do what you want with the products at this point. 

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What Are the Negatives?

You may be in a sourcing list which has other people in there. However, it is somewhat a limit and belief, when you think there is too much competition, because what Kev has come to realise, is that he can appreciate the size of Amazon. He can appreciate that there is such an abundance of opportunity.

Just because you may have 2, 5 or 10 people selling the product, if it is a high-selling product, you are going to make sales. For every seller, there are 10,000 customers. It is like putting the UK on top of the US, it is not even a spec. It is so vast and large the opportunity of Amazon. Kev also feels as though, that once you get your processors in place, when you have a systematised approach to this, if you have the resources to work better and smarter than everyone else, then the reality is that you can make a significant increase in your business with sourcing list services. 

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Our Sourcing Lists

If you look on our website: , you will see that we have sourcing lists available for gold and platinum members. For gold members, we have 2 sourcing lists available, and for platinum members, we have 4 sourcing lists, supplying up to 32 leads per week day. If you sign up now, we are offering a 30 day free trial for limited time only!

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