Kev's 21 Highest ROI Habits To Become A Millionaire


In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you, Kev's highest ROI habits. There are going to be 21 actions which I am going to share with you in this blog post, which you can take massive action on, which will help you in your journey.

So, let's start.

1. Goal Setting & Ultimate Visions 

Before 2015, Kev never really set goals in his life. Kev always had traditional goals in his life, like doing well in his career, having a loving and healthy family, and going on holidays. But, he never had any other types of goals - he never really explored goal setting. One of the reasons for this is growing up, not having any luxuries or any money, Kev came from a council estate, he started having limiting beliefs and ideas of the world of what you can and can't do. 

You should set ultimate goals and ultimate visions of what you want to achieve in life. Forget the circumstances, the resources and where you are from, we all start at different situations, and we all have different resources available to us. 

Imagine there were no limitations on time, resources and money, then start setting yourself some goals, and continuously set yourself goals in your journey. 

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2. Personal & Skill Development 

 What this basically means, is really committing to a never ending journey, just to learn and do the best you can, in as many things as you can. Because when you set goals and ultimate visions, whatever that is - you want to travel, you want to experience something, or you want to meet someone, and you want to learn a specific skill - whatever it is, you have to become better and up-skill yourself. 

We all start at different skill levels, and when it comes to personal development, everything from psychology, your beliefs, your core values, your confidence, productivity, and dealing with stress and overwhelm or fear. Personal development is a never ending journey. There is always another level of where you can prove.

And then skills, skills that you are going to need on the journey, every skill from communication skills, business skills, financial skills, website building skills, email marketing skills and copywriting skills. Whatever it may be, it is a never ending journey of personal and skill development.  

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3. Financial & Credit Management  

On your journey, you are going to need to start learning more and more about financials. For Kev, when Kev first started the business, he had no business experience whatsoever; he didn't know anything to do with business at all. 

So, in your journey and in Kev's journey, you have always got to work on your own financial management and credit management. 

There is an app called Credit Karma and you put all your information in, and it is going to give you your credit score, and it is going to share with you where you are at, in terms of all your financials. 

This is a great starting point in learning whereabouts you are at. Clarity is power. As soon as you learn where you are currently at in your financials, it is going to help you start to make some appropriate actions. 

Credit Karma gives you a full report on your credit history, and shares with you how to improve. 

Then, from a financial management, it is about really learning how to manage your business financials. 

Kev didn't used to know quite an awful lot to do with financials, when he first started. When Kev and Kylie first started, they were in debt at the time, Kev could only start on his own personal credit card, but he started to learn, and he went onto a great seminar, called the millionaire mind intensive and it started to share about using different jars and different percentages of business, whether it was financial freedom accounts, long-term savings accounts, or whether that is your play accounts, or education accounts. Then, from a business point of view, using reading books like Profit First  and having different pots on how you can manage cash flow are super important.

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4. Financial Leverage & Long Term Decision Making

This isn't financial advice, but for Kev personally in his journey, and a part of your entrepreneurial journey, there are going to be opportunities where you can leverage financials, whether that is through different forms of debt, whether that is credit, loans or overdraft, whatever it is, for Kev personally, he had to learn all of this, and learn what he had to get access to and leverage that. Whether that is taking advantage of different schemes, which the government are doing, like the apprenticeship schemes, kickstart schemes, bounce back loans, whatever it might be, leveraging financials and always thinking of the long term, thinking about what you are taking action on right now, for the long term. 

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5. Legal Study & Protection

A part of the journey, is you have got to learn from a legal side of things, you have got to learn what you have got to do so you don't break any laws - taxes, employment, health and safety, all of these things which you have got to learn, and Kev highly recommends a great agency called Federation of Small Businesses, they give lots of great templates, health and safety templates, employment templates, and all these really great things which you can learn from, as well as all the financial laws, VAT, taxes, corporation tax, pay as you earn, and all these different things. These are all super important for you to spend some time studying.  

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6. Time Management & Task Management

There is only a certain amount of time in the day, so this means that you have to really get productive. One of the first things Kev did was cut out all the things which were draining his time. Looking where he is spending his time, and seeing what tasks he is focusing on - is he focusing on growth tasks, or is he focusing on maintenance tasks? Spending time on Netflix, YouTube and social media. It is about maximising your time, and knowing when to leverage and what to focus on, and what you can do to have the highest impact in your business.

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7. System Creation & Optimisation 

 As you start your business, and as you start to create systems and you develop teams, and you recruit teams, you want to start developing systems, and Kev has always lived by, "You don't manage people, you manage systems". It is systems which manage people, and it is systems that allow you to scale your business to whatever level you want. 

If you want to become 7 or 8 figures, and really build a significant business of scale, you can't do that physically micromanaging absolutely everything, you have got to develop systems, so for Kev personally, he has extensively been excited and obsessed with systems, everything that he can possibly learn from structuring the business to how to develop a system, how to make it more efficient, how to test, how to bring on staff members etc.

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8. Team Recruitment & Development

You have got to develop teams and you have got to recruit people - you can't do it all yourself. For Kev, they have learned so much, they have had some great successes and not had some. But every single time it is about learning. Even right now, Kev and Kylie have got staff members and virtual assistants who have been with them 4-5 years. Over time, they develop and they become your great asset. They will learn, go through problems, adapt and grow.

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9. Relationship Building & Negotiation 

 A part of any business, relationships are super important, especially when it comes to whether you have got an eCommerce business, and you are building relationships with different suppliers, and then your ability to build rapport and to negotiate - finding those win-wins, and being able to come to a compromise, and develop how you can provide value, and really over time, keep nurturing and developing relationships.

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10. Community Building & Networking 

One of the greatest things which Kev has in his disposal right now is social media - meeting people. He has one of the greatest pleasures of meeting so many amazing people, who he has done different events with, different masterminds, and building communities and networking, you learn so much from people. Doing this as often as possible, reaching out to people and giving value where you can is amazing and gives you such a return, because who knows what that relationship will become.

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11. Mastermind Sharing & Mindset Protection   

 Masterminds are very powerful. Going on the journey with other people is something which is going to be very valuable to you, because you can't define the return you get from sharing with other people who are on the same journey as you. 

Somebody may be further ahead than you, somebody may just be starting, and they are sharing the journey which you can learn so much from. This can save you time, money, failures, heartache and stress. One insight which you may not be aware of, can have such an impact on the progression of your journey. 

The mindset protection is you are influenced by so many things around you, and one of them is the people you are with. If you have got a negative influence around you, you have got to protect and stand guard at the door of your mind.

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12. Business & Affiliate Partnerships

As you go on your journey, you are going to create yourself lots of amazing opportunities, you are going to create yourself your own look. You are taking action, you are asking questions, you are meeting new people, you are speaking to new people, you are sharing your story and learning other people's stories, and this can then eventually join into business ventures and business partnerships.

One of the things Kev has really believed in is whenever you are looking at affiliate partnerships or business partnerships, you have got to have a common value, a common goal and mission, thinking about the person who you are actually going into a partnership with. 

So, Kev is always thinking about, what do you need help with and what has Kev experienced and can he share that with you.

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13. Brand Building & Content Creation

One of the most powerful assets that you will have is building a brand, whether it is a personal brand or a physical products brand or just a brand of product service, whatever it is where you are making a difference and building a real connection with the people you are talking to. 

One of the things which Kev has loved, which has been a fundamental part of Kev's journey is building a brand, and sharing his thoughts and values he has - taking massive action and building systems in his business, because what this will allow you to do is build a great relationship with you. 

You can't put value on this, you can't put value on a brand, because if you don't have that value on that connection in a brand, then you are just competing with everyone else. It is okay to not be everyone's cup of tea, but the people you are trying to serve, a part of your brand, they are the people who you need to focus on obsessively, and really think about where they are at and how you can help them. 

Content creation - nobody is going to go out and find you, so if you were to create content and try to help people, whether that is through YouTube or other platforms, creating content which people can find, whether that is organically or paid, and offering value and service, then people will start to be able to build that relationship with you.

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  14. Product & Service Creation

Get yourself into the mindset of a real entrepreneur, going and building a product, and providing a service. Whether that is some sort of information-based product, whether it is a book, training program, service, agency, whatever it is, seeing a problem in a marketplace, and going and solving the problem.

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15. Marketing & Sales Systems  

Whenever you have created a product or service, you have to get out there and you have got to start marketing and be able to talk to people and sell. Whether that is selling on the phone, selling through videos, selling through a sales page, really learning skills. Really think about what the best way of marketing is - written, videos, podcasts, organic or paid and learning SEO - so many different forms of marketing, different launches and different sales, whether that is working one on one with couching and consulting, or whether that is as a group or agency. 

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16. Partner & Customer Experience 

Always focus on your customers and your partner's experiences. Depending on what business you are doing, but for example, if you have got an Amazon business, your partner is Amazon, so therefore, really building a great relationship with Amazon, and making sure your KPI'S, metrics, seller central, health, all that is a continuous focus and is something you are turning into a habit, as well as if you have a service or a product-based business, what's the onboarding? What's the feedback? If something happens which is negative, getting some negative feedback, make sure you listen to that and get yourself into a habit of learning lessons from the negatives.

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17. Meaningful Contribution 

Contributing to causes has such a fulfilling return on investment. If you make a difference to different causes which means something to you, what is the return on that? You can't put a figure on that - if it makes you feel great that you can make a difference to some causes, for Kev personally, action for children, prostate cancer - what it means to Kev, different people's causes over the year, Kev has donated on behalf of other people. This is just meaningful contribution.

Just this past Christmas, Kev and Kylie donated to a local food banks throughout the lockdown, and people losing their jobs. People were going through difficulty and Kev and Kylie had lots of returned groceries and food, so Kev got in contact with his old football manager, who was doing some great charity work, and he came and collected a lot. He then shared the experience of the differences you can make, and this is why meaningful contribution is here too.

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18. Reviewing & Reflection (Changing Approach)

You have got goals and you are working on yourself, financial management and everything we have spoken about, and then you start going forward, then you are going to get some type of feedback, are you moving towards your goals or not? And having the ability to stop and review, whether that is every week, on a Sunday, every quarter, every six months, a year, thinking about your ultimate visions, your 10-year goals, thinking about what you are doing right now, can you do this better?

This is a big part of what Kev does, he is always reviewing, how he is doing things now and how can he optimize, how can he grow and can he get faster. 

Failure only happens when you stop. If you stop moving forward, that is when you fail and you give up. It is when you keep changing your approach and finding what doesn't work, how many times do you have to change your approach, review and reflect and ask another question, ask a better question, talk to someone, get in contact with someone, find the resources, whatever it is, how many times do you have to do this, until one day, you will find what works. Always review and reflect.

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19. Experimenting and Testing  

You never stop experimenting, trying something different, doing tests, doing experiments, timing yourself, seeing if you can do something faster, seeing if you can improve a quality of a process in different areas. Everything that you can test and experiment, always test and experiment and always question things. Don't be afraid to fail.

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20. Focus, Discipline & Consistency 

The ability to finish what you have started is very powerful. When you go on your journey and you decide what business you want to start, as you go in your journey, you are going to be presented lots of opportunity, the shiny object syndrome, and having the focus and the discipline to say no and keep focusing on your core business - you may do different partnerships, affiliates, ventures and you may have a one-off opportunity, but always centre around your core business and your core mission you have.

Finish what you start and be able to say no, because as your business progresses, you are going to be able to have more and more opportunity, and this may dilute your focus, so it might mean that you need to start simplifying and having the ability to go and say no that you are not going to do something right now, and you are going to put it on a future list.

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21. Taking Massive Action Every Day

 Kev believes taking massive action is taking huge amounts of action in a direction that commits you to keep going forward. This may be out your comfort zone, it may be to the point of no return. 

Instead of hesitating, you can look at a situation for what it is and take the action. It becomes a habit and something you want to do straight away. Whatever it is that keeps pushing you forward.

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