How to 10x Your Business with Virtual Assistants


Getting a virtual sourcing assistant in your online arbitrage business, can genuinely 10x your business. And by 10x your business, I mean 10x your business. 

Going back to 2015, when Kev first started his online arbitrage business - in the June, Kev started and by July/August, he got his sales up to around 6,500. Then, through using virtual assistants, and having a sourcing team, he passed 60,000. It takes a lot of hard work, grit, determination and massive action; however, virtual assistants can do this for you. 

Management Sheet

Here is an example of a sourcing management sheet, and this is something which Kev doesn't look at anymore, because he is extracted from the business. Kev has a senior virtual assistant, which comes in and reviews these products. 

Looking at the sheet, you can see how much we have sourced, how many winners there are, the target for the month, and you can see the average selling price. 

Within the sheet, you have the date, a reference,...

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10 Hard Truths Why People Fail with Online Arbitrage


Nobody likes listening to hard truths, especially when they are negative. But, the truth is that everyone who starts online arbitrage, ends up being successful and there are reasons why people go into this business model and end up failing. So, in this blog we will be honest and cover truthfully 10 reasons why people fail online arbitrage and not hold anything back. Hopefully, when you get to the end of the blog post, you will be able to do a reflection of your own business in your own mind and hopefully avoid these things.

1 – False Expectations  

This is the biggest reason why people fail with online arbitrage. The biggest reason why people fail with this is because they go into the business model with the false expectation that it is going to be an easy ride, and that it is going to be easy to find profitable items to sell. The truth is everybody who starts online arbitrage and pushes through those beginning months will have to go through...

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