Do you feel like you aren't being as productive as you would like running your business? Do you feel like you could possibly implement more into your day to be more productive but you're not sure how. Well this blog post shares some great things you could do to make sure you are being much more productive throughout your day...So, read on if you would like to know what you could change or add in your day...

How do you take massive action towards your goals every day? 


It’s by planning each day – it is by taking the time to get a good plan in place so that you can take action on your computer, laptop or in your warehouse – you catake action in the right direction to ultimately achieve the goals that you want.  

When you start to think about what it is you are doing each day in your life, you will start to make progress and start to achieve some success in your life and take some steps in achieving what you are hoping to achieve in your life. 

Ultimately, when all is said and done, it is every day taking action which is going to enable you to achieve what you want to achieve in your life, whether that is business, relationships, or fitness – it doesn’t really matter, but you must get clear on what you are and not doing each day.   

Think About What You Want in the Next 10 Years of Your Life 

When it comes to planning every day, the first thing which is needed to say is to plan a day, you cannot just think in terms of days – you must think bigger. You cannot just say, “What am I going to do tomorrow?” “What am I going to do after tomorrow?” To get to that point, you must work backwards and reverse engineer – you must think bigger picture to narrow it down to the smaller picture every day 

Imagine your life as a puzzle, you are building a puzzle. Each day of your life is a piece of that puzzle. If you have got a 2000-piece puzzle, you are not just randomly going to look at one piece of the puzzle, because you have no idea what that piece of the puzzle is. What you must do is see the bigger picture. You must see what the puzzle is first to give you an indication. You must get a clear picture of what you want to do.    

 Then, it is about reverse engineering it all the way back to the present. Usually what happens is people get to the end of the year, then think to themselves, “What is it that I want to do in this brand-new year?” And they start to think, and it is the wrong way of doing things, because it is important to not just randomly choose a piece of the puzzle. What you want to do is break it all the way back, working in years. So, it is good to have vision boards and ultimate visions of your life. Then, focus on the vehicle which is going to get you there. The first thing to think about is what is the type of lifestyle you want to have, what kind of life do you want with maybe your kids or family, what is the vehicle you need to choose in terms of, what is paying for everything. Are you going to be in a job? Do you need to create a business? Do you need to be self-employed? Whatever it is, you should decide to create your version of your life.  

 White Jigsaw Puzzle Illustration

Making Progress  

Once you know this, you can focus on creating a business that is going to give you some freedom – choose a business model and focus on that one business model. It doesn’t matter what you want to do in your life, focus on the areas in your life and try and get it down to one thing. Try to say no more than yes. Try to eliminate more than add on. If you can simplify your day as much as you can, that will enable you to make progress, because days can be very complex. 

You should split up your life into different areas – professionally and personally. Then, once you have got categories of professional and personal, you should have a clearer mindset. Eliminate things in your life which are not important. Eliminate as much as possible. You need to learn the difference between a task that is making you move forward and growing, or a task that is just making you maintain.  

Once you eliminate distraction and you have got clear on what growth, maintenance and pointless tasks are, you can record each day and categorize them. Then, you will be able to see if something was pointless or if it helped you grow.  

Growth task/developmental task = A developmental task is a task that arises at or about a certain period in life, unsuccessful achievement of which leads to inability to perform tasks associated with the next period or stage in life. 

Maintenance task = Maintenance tasks keep you at the same level you already are at, doesn't make you gain nor lose.

Pointless task = serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being.  

You should eliminate as much as possible so that you are not distracted by pointless tasks. Turn off your notifications or even just silence them, so that you are not constantly pestered to check them. Maybe you could take a break from your computer, PlayStation, Xbox or even Netflix. Getting rid of pointless tasks will push you to go more for the growth tasks, which will help you so much more in the long run 

Once you understand this, you can start understanding your world and structuring out your life, because everyone is different. You may or may not have a family, you may have a full-time job, a part-time job or you may be unemployed, you may have some sort of commitment that you need to follow through with and you cannot eliminate at the current time. Once you do this, you can create a plan for your days. For example, Kev has 3 growth tasks every day that he tries to achieve, and these growth tasks are in the 3 most important areas of Kev’s life. 

These growth tasks may be in relationships, in business, or health and fitness. For Kev, he focuses on family, content creation and health and fitness.  

Photo Of Person Holding Ceramic Mug 


Organisation is super important. Something just like having a nice, presentable, tidy desk is greatly important, so that you are able to set up your workspace so that it is all optimized in terms of organisation.  

A great website is Todoist, this website is great for organising and structuring out your day, and when the day is over, you can go back on this and cross off your day.  

Another thing which is important is taking the time to let it work out. For Kev, it took him since 2015 to be more organised and this is with help from systems – having an organised phone, having Todoist to be able to make quick notesusing Fantastical to create different appointmentsso that Kev knows which days and times he has his appointments, using one day a week where he is focusing in on the times and days of the appointments, and having a list of your goals so he knows which to prioritize and focus on. 

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