Sourcing Lists In Online Arbitrage - Check Out These Private, Personal, & Smart Sourcing Lists


You know that the key to long term sustainability in online arbitrage, is finding profitable products every single day. Finding profitable products which work for your business every day is the key to your operations. Whatever your criteria is, whatever you ultimately decide is a winning product, or a losing product, the key is finding profitable products for your operations. 

In this blog post, I am going to share with you private, personal and smart sourcing lists. This is going to be a deep dive tutorial of how this works, and how it can work for your business. 

At the end of this blog post, I am going to give you an actual opportunity to experience this.  Let's first talk about sourcing lists and how this fits into the bigger picture.

The Master Sourcing Strategies. 

The bigger picture is something which Kev has always called the Master Sourcing Strategies. Kev has got some really good videos and tutorials on his YouTube channel about all the different ways that you can source. 

1. Manual

If you are interested in manual sourcing, watch the videos below.

2. Sourcing List

If you are interested in sourcing lists, watch the videos below.

How to 4x Your Business With Sourcing Lists

3. VA's

If you are interested in hiring a VA or information on VA's, watch the videos below.

How to 10x Your Business With Virtual Assistants

4. Automated Services

Or if you are interested in sourcing as a whole, please watch the video below!

Or read the blog post here:

The Ultimate Sourcing Guide


When it comes to a sourcing list, there are a number of pros and cons.


  • When it comes to sourcing lists, it is a lower barrier to entry
  • Sourcing lists are anywhere between £80 - £200/£300 per month
  • VA's (No recruiting/no training) This means you don't have to have virtual assistants
  • Immediately get access 



  • Shared lists
  • No control
  • No training


Traditional Sourcing List

Kev has been working incredibly hard behind the scenes trying to get to the point where all of this is possible, and I will explain what I am referring to.

A sourcing list traditionally - there were services out there that would create a sourcing list and customers were granted access to the sourcing list. When you think about it, it makes sense to do this, and this was what Kev was doing, because it was the most effective way of being able to give people access to a sourcing list.

The difference is, if you have got irresponsible owners, that could turn into hundreds of people. It's sort of pro's and con's, in terms of, the reality is, you are using a sourcing list, so like said before, it is a lower barrier to entry, so it is going to come with some pros. 

But it is also going to come with some cons. One of them is going to be to share the lists. 

This set up is no good. Having any type of deals which you share with other people, regarding if it's on your screen or not, ultimately that's not where the future wants to head. You want to find something which is quite personal, private and smart within a sourcing list. 

New Sourcing Lists

This is what Kev has down in his operations, and I am going to share this with you, regardless on whether you take action or not, I am going to share with you exactly how this works and why.

Our launch of this is going to change the game for many things. 

This is the master sheet, but within the master sheet, you have now got a lot of different things which are on this master sheet. You don't just have one tab, there are multiple tabs. There are a lot of things which occur in them. This then becomes a smart sheet.

Instead of people now looking at this, what happens is, you have now got private sheets and these are now personalised sheets. So now what you have, is you no longer have a scenario where the customers are looking at the master sheet. 

This here is the brain behind it which makes it smart. You no longer have a scenario where everyone is looking at that, because it is no good. In terms of the cons, when you think about the cons, the truth is for the business, the shared access and things, we need to evolve and bring to the next level.

What we have done and what this is, is now every customer has a private sheet, and what happens is, these sheets communicate with each other, and this is data transferring back and forth.

 You might be wondering what I mean by communicating backwards and forwards. Now, what happens is, customer 1, we have a master sheet, a brain, a smart sheet, then what we can is allocate from that master sheet, which goes out to the customers. And how this basically works, the reason these sheets are private and personal, what happens now is interaction. 

Now, every product that comes in, we now have the ability to say yes or no, if you are happy with them all. We have now got the ability, for each customer to provide feedback for each product.

And what happens is, this now, is a flood of information coming back to us. This is what makes it smart for us. This is a systemised way of really getting this personal, and personal and smart for you.

Everybody's criteria is different. The truth is with sourcing lists, it is another con. But with this feedback, you get to see what is happening with everyone within the sourcing lists, we are getting to know the personalised feedback. We will know everything from the incredible sheet. 

The master sheet is collecting lots of different information and it is collecting reasons - it is collecting why a certain person was happy, or why they were not happy. It is collecting all this information, and what is going to happen is it gets fed back, and then you learn. You get smarter, you learn what's going on, and you learn exactly the reason why customers are not happy, or why they are happy. You are then going to give more of that, and eliminate the unhappiness and going to make more of the ones where people are happy.

If you think about this, if you think about exactly what this is doing, this is going to grow, learn and evolve over time. 

If you are interested in checking out the sourcing list services, please check out the link below:

 Also if you are interested in using our services for prep or some of our bonuses, please check out the link below. Within these packages, we also offer sourcing lists :-)

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