Why Should You Start A Brand?


In this blog post, I am going to show you an overview of creating your own brand, and creating your own information-based business. The goal here is to take you through a journey, and help you set up and start your own brand, share whatever message you want to share, and to impact people in a positive way and help people building a business about you around the world. 

One thing Kev does is online arbitrage, but he has also been creating this business called LifeSuccessEngineer, where Kev is able to help people around the world with their online arbitrage businesses, create products and services that make a difference. And whatever particular niche, brand or anything that you want to share with the world, you can do this too. There may be a selection of those of you who are reading this who want to do this on the side, like a side-hustle, or a side-project, while you are building your main business.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place, because I am going to work from the bottom all the way up and get this condensed into this blog post.

Your Brand, Your Idea, Your Message and Your Legacy

Here you can see that this is a simple mind map, and right in the centre it shows your brand, your idea, your message and your legacy. 

The ultimate brand would be Apple or Microsoft. It is crazy to think that you could be able to create your own Apple. It is crazy to think that you are able to create your own brand, and your own message to the world, and help a lot of people do a specific thing - this is what Apple does. Apple help you with phones, Ipads, laptops, watches and a lot of other things too.

You could do the same, whether you like sports, clothes, arts and crafts, or books - whatever it is, you will find it online now, you will find people creating these businesses,  their versions of Apple and Microsoft, and that is all what LifeSuccessEngineer is, it is Kev's version of the Apple's, the Nike's and the Adidas', because ultimately from your brand, you are going to be able to serve people, you are going to be able to attract people, and you are going to be able to have a reward. You are going to reward what it means to you.

person holding iPhone taking picture on Nike label


What is the biggest reward which you could have, if you are building a brand, an idea, your message, everything around you, what's the biggest reward? It is ultimately to do with your contribution, it is contribution to other people - if you create a product, if you create a service, if you create something which actually helps people, and gets people results, it is an amazing feeling.

When you see thanking messages or positive messages, it spurs you on and encourages you to keep going. Another great reward is freedom.

Imagine having your own version of Apple, making you money, making a great contribution to people, you feel great, and you are able to travel and do what you want - this is your reward.

You could also create a legacy. Imagine you create something, a product or a service, helping people, helping hundreds of thousands of people - that is ultimately a great legacy. 

What Do You Need To Do?

You are going to need to be in this for the long-term. If you are in to quick wins and quick wealth, this usually doesn't work or it doesn't last. So, if you want to create a valuable long-term asset which is going to work for you, you have got to have that long-term mentality, you have got to be able to learn an awful lot, you are going to need to have that growth mindset, you are going to have rejection, you are going to have failure, and all of these things are going to happen, just like any other business. You are going to end up doing something that someone doesn't like, you are going to get a bad message, you are going to get a bad review, and it is going to hit you. But this is absolutely something which you will need to think about. 

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How do you attract people to you? This is via content. Everything that you see online is content. You have got written content, you have got video content, audio content, photo content, and so much more. Ultimately, it comes down these mediums. You are going to need to attract people by creating a blog, creating possibly a YouTube channel, you may need to create a podcast, start sharing images on social media and gain a follow-base. 

There is no way of getting around attracting people - you must do it. Everyone has to do some sort of marketing, or something to attract people to you. 

Serving People

For this, you can create information products, you could have service based services, you could have physical products, you could do live events, you can do so many different things - you name it, it is there. You could have your own private label brand, your own consultancy, coaching or whatever you may be into. With live events, you can do your own masterminds. With information products, you could create courses, you could do web classes, digital downloads, you can do things like Kindle Books, become an author, and so much more. All of these things are now becoming available to you, because you are creating what we call your brand.

If this sounds like something you want to create - something from absolutely nothing to a gigantic web, then this is fantastic.

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