How Kev Sold His FIRST Online Information Product While He Was Asleep

information product Sep 14, 2022

How Kev generated his first online income from information-based product and exactly what impact that had to Kev and his life. This blog post is going to share with you exactly the process which Kev went through, and show how you can take advantage of creating an information-based product/a knowledge-based product, and how you can make that available online, where someone somewhere in the world could purchase, whether you are asleep, at work, on holiday, whether you are going out for a meal with your loved ones - 24/7, 365, you could create an information-based product which someone could purchase, which you have created once, and it can generate you income, and give you more freedom. Ultimately, this blog post is going to share with you the processes which Kev went through.

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Historically and traditionally any type of education has been through formal education, going through schools, colleges and universities or apprenticeships. But what has been happening over the last 10-15 years is the rise of the internet. It has allowed everyday people like you and I to share our stories, experiences and lessons online via free mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and so many more. Ultimately, this is exponentially expanding this industry where the tide is rising. People are going on platforms to learn anything that you can think of - how to be a better father, how to be a better pianist, be a DJ, how to draw, different stories, learn a new language - if you think of anything, there is going to be someone sharing information about it, and this industry is just rising, and now is the time to get into it.

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You could teach something which you love to learn about every day, teach someone something which is your passion. You may have a hobby right now which you could teach, or you may have gone through a life experience. You may have gone through hard times, tragedies. Maybe you were overweight and you lost a lot of weight within a short period of time, and you want to share that with other people who are struggling with losing weight. Or possibly you have learnt a new skill, a language, and you know what actions which you took. You may be one step ahead of somebody, two steps ahead of somebody, but somebody will be where you once were, looking for a change, excitement, or entertainment. You have experience and knowledge about something and you can share that with those people.

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What Kev did was he had started his own business, he had started in the June of 2015, and he was able to start his online arbitrage business, which is buying low selling high, and over the period of six months, he was able to quit his career, and over the period of 12 months, he was able to get into his first warehouse.

Then, Kev decided to make a training programme called online arbitrage mastery, and he made it available on a website called ClickBank. What Kev did was think about what he had done within that 12 month period, and he broke that up into different modules, different frameworks, and different blueprints which people could follow. So Kev made this available, and someone somewhere was searching for it, then purchased it. He had made £300 pounds overnight.  

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