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Systemise Fulfilment Enters Exciting Partnership With Scunthorpe United Football Club

Systemise Fulfilment is delighted to announce that it has entered an exciting partnership with Scunthorpe United Football Club ahead of the 2023-24 season.

Kev Blackburn, Director at Systemise Fulfilment said: "Everybody connected to Systemise Fulfilment & is proud and excited to start our strategic partnership with Scunthorpe United Football Club.

"Having personally worked within the grounds catering stands in my teenage years to successfully completing an apprenticeship at the steelworks, Scunthorpe means so much to us.

"Scunthorpe United Football Club is a part of the foundation of the town, its people and communities. It has a rich history of success that came from determination, grit, courage, tenacity, teamwork and massive action. These are core values and principles that define who we are as a company.

"A part of our epic global mission, we wanted to become supporters of the club's owner, the staff, and the team in their pursuit and vision of returning the football club to the heights of success once more.

"We are looking forward to developing our relationship further with the club, local businesses and the local community as we cheer the team onto a successful season ahead. We look forward to seeing you in the Iron Bar where we proudly display our signs alongside the Iron badge."

Gareth Thomas, Head Of Business Development at Systemise Fulfilment said: "This is the start of an amazing partnership between two teams, both with the same core values, working and striving for success on and off the pitch.

"Scunthorpe United Football Club is a big part of our town and community as Kev has said. Scunthorpe is also our flagship warehouse and where it all began for us! All of us at Systemise want to be part of the growth, success and massive action that is to come from both Scunthorpe United and Team Systemise.

"I personally have followed Scunthorpe Utd and have friends and family with season tickets that also do. We have been to Wembley to watch them play in the good times and we are looking forward to many more together!

"We are looking forward to this partnership and supporting this great team to achieve their ambitions and growth this year, and beyond. This is a philosophy we at Systemise share as a core value with our Partners (customers) as we believe in working together to create a win-win, to support their growth and help all e-commerce businesses to achieve their goals.

"I also look forward to seeing you all in the Iron Bar with Kev and raising a glass to celebrate the success that's to come with both our badges aligned."

See full Scunthorpe United Football Club Press Release here: 

Images from the day of signage being fitted: 



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