Amazon FBA for Beginners: Retail Arbitrage VS Online Arbitrage VS Wholesale VS Private Label


What is Amazon FBA and What Do They Do? 

So, you have heard about Amazon fulfilment service, which is Amazon FBA – fulfilment by Amazon.  

This is where everyday people, like you and I, are able to ship thousands of products to Amazon fulfilment centres, where they are able to store our products, until you or I make a sale out on Amazon. 

Then, Amazon’s logistics will pick that product, get it shipped to your customer, to Amazon’s customer, the very next day, sometimes within the same day. 

Amazon’s reach now has turned into a multi-billion dollar/pound company, and that’s why people like you and I, take advantage of an amazing opportunity for us to build a business part-time that can go into full-time. 

The different business models on Amazon

You have got different business models out on amazon. These are as follows:

  • Retail Arbitrage...
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