Sophie’s Top 5 Tips to Getting the Most Performance from Your Amazon FBA Virtual Team


Sophie has been working with virtual assistants a lot herself in her own business, for the last 3 or so years; her company Resource Worldwide had placed virtual assistants in over 100 companies in August 2020, from when they first started in December 2019. So, Sophie is pretty familiar with virtual assistants, they definitely know how to work with their team to get the absolute best result out of them. 

Something which seems to be happening a lot, is confusion around how to get the best out of virtual assistants. So...this is what is what we are going to be talking about in this blog post.

Be Clear & Concise 

One of the key things here is when you set tasks for your team members, make sure you are very clear and concise with it. You don't want them to mess up or not get the criteria right because you haven't explained in enough or clear detail for them to understand specifically what you want.

Print Out Key Performance Indicators 

So, if I am talking about product research assistance for example, one of the things which Sophie's team do, is they give them a copy of their KPIS, their key performance indicators, Sophie's team get them to print that out, and get them to put it next to their workstation in their home office.

This way, it is right next to them; not just on their computer, because they can just click off onto other screens, but it is really clear and specific that these are the KPIS, these are what define a winning deal, these are what define profitable products.

Learn more about KPIS below:

Use a Task Management Tool

Another thing which Sophie's team does is using resources, like Trello or Asana. Be really clear and specific with the tasks that you want your assistants to do. So, for example, let's say we are talking about a senior assistant now, their tasks may be on a Monday for example, to chase all invoices. So, every Monday, they take some time, and they check invoices. It could be on a Wednesday, their task is to replenish inventory. It may be on a Thursday that they have an additional task, and they have to spend some time sourcing new stores - whatever it may be, you have to be clear and structure the tasks. Sophie's team use these resources to set out the tasks that need completing and which days they would like them to complete them or work on them.

The worst thing that you can do with a virtual assistant, is expecting that they can just read your mind, especially when they are just starting out.

Learn how to use Asana below: 

Review Tasks With Your Team

At the end of the day, you can then do a review with them. See which tasks that they had to get on with for the day, and see how well they did and how they got on with them. Find out how they are doing, and offer any support or advice if needed, then do the same thing the next day. This is mostly during the settling period, it may be 2 or 4 weeks, 2 months or 4 months, you can gauge how much contact you need to have, then what you will notice is that your virtual assistant will start to think like you, and do things on your behalf and will become to work a lot more independently. 

Use Great Communication Tools

Another great resource to use is Loom, so you can always leave feedback. It is a video recording software. It is an add-on to your computer. you can record your screen with it. Often, what Sophie does with her sourcing virtual assistants is at the end of the day, she will give them feedback by recording a video, letting them see it the next day. 


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