Best Online Businesses to Start In 2021



This blog is going to show with you 7 great online business models which you can start in 2021. The goal of this is to share different ideas which you may want to explore, whether you have an online business already and you are looking to expand and diversify or are looking to start one. This being the case, this blog will be great for you.


So... What are the online businesses?


1. eCommerce 

The first and one of the best online business models to start is eCommerce, Amazon FBA. On Amazon, there are third-party sellers who can make products available for sale. Within Amazon, there are different online business models which you can utilise; for example, there are arbitrage business models where you are taking advantage of price differences, you are looking at discount offers, and you are purchasing products at discount to sell higher for profit.  

eCommerce, Amazon FBA, is fulfilment by Amazon, where you can ship...

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7 Things Successful Amazon Sellers Do



 This blog shares 7 things successful Amazon sellers do. Kev has had the opportunity to meet some great Amazon sellers and hear some amazing stories in interviews of these people having the courage and determination to take massive action in changing their life and their family's lives. Some have been able to quit their jobs and even became 6 and 7 figure sellers. Having all these amazing experiences Kev had wanted to collect them all up and think about some common things which they all do. So... What do they do?

1 – Focus on One Business Model at a Time 

Each of the business models is a fantastic opportunity for you to become successful, whether that is from retail arbitrage tprivate label, wholesale, online arbitrage, or exclusive brand deals. Every one of these business models has the potential for you to become incredibly successful, quit a job and hire team members. It is going to take a lot of your...

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13 Reasons Why People Fail to Build A Successful Online Business



The goal of this blog post is to encourage emotion and to help you understand why you may be struggling to build a successful business, so that you are able to pursue and continue on the right track, so that you have the freedom and independence to be able to do what you want and focus on what you want to. Maybe you want location independence and you want to be free to travel the world or maybe you just want to be financially free and no longer be unable to afford something which you really want. This is the potential of an online business. So, let's talk about some of the reasons you may not be succeeding so that you are able to achieve these things.


1 – Not Open 

 It is the most fundamental, they are not open to an opportunity. They are not open to believe that an online business is even a possibility.  

When Kev started his online business while he was an engineer, he was motivated and inspired and every night he was making...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Amazon Business Today



In this blog post, I am going to go through 5 reasons why you should start an Amazon business today, then i am going to explain why.

1 – Protection  

The first reason you should start an Amazon business is one of the most important ones, which is protection. Protection for you, your life and your family's life. Having a business which you are in control of, that you can own, grow and manage, is really amazing and positive.  

2 - Amazon 

Amazon themselves are a great reason to start an Amazon business. If you are going to go into a business or start a business, whether it is part-time or full-time, you are blessed to know that Amazon is not going to go anywhere. Amazon have spent the last couple of decades building trust and good-will that it is a part of culture. Amazon is known globally and they are rapidly expanding everywhere. Amazon have put so much development in their own process and systems to gain that...

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Announcing Systemise Fulfilment ⚙️

We have exciting news to share which we hope will excite you as much as us.

Since the formation of our operations serving many amazing partners, we have now shipped over 1 million units and seen many incredible milestones achieved from partners quitting jobs to go full time for themselves, to even moving onto their own warehouse operations. 

And over the years, our mission has continued to evolve as we strive for a never ending goal to improve and systemise our services to help you achieve your goals.

With everything we have experienced in our first 4 years of business, we thought there has never been a better time than right now to evolve to the next version of ourselves. This rebranding allows ourselves to design a vision around the core values that represent us. A name that creates an emotional connection for our partners and our staff as we continue to invest in our operations to achieve our ultimate mission. 

In the last 12 months, we have hired more staff...

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Amazon FBA Wholesale for Beginners: Phone Call Script & Sourcing Through Stock Lists


If you are currently looking at building relationships with wholesale suppliers, you will have to get on phone calls and speak with the sales representatives. In the previous post, we showed "How To Find Wholesale Suppliers For Your Amazon FBA Business?" which can now be put into practice. 

Phone Call Script with Wholesaler Example 

Here is a brief example of a potential conversation that you may have: 

Wholesale Phone Call Objective 

Whenever you are speaking to somebody, your primary objective is to open an account or get the instructions required to open an account. Wholesale is about building a great relationship which can help you build your wholesale business. 

Once you have gone through your wholesale supplier , you may not know any prices or stock at the current moment, you are just wanting to open an account with them. So, the objective is how quickly you can get to the person you need to speak to, what is the...

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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Amazon FBA Business?


So you want to find wholesale suppliers for your Amazon FBA business? This blog post will share with you how to find them and allow you to start building relationships so you can potentially find profitable products to sell in your business. 

Setting Wholesale Business Foundations  

To give you the best chance to set up your business for success, here are the 3 most important elements to setting up your business foundations and then we will cover them one at a time:

  1. Vision – Your story 
  2. Website, Presence, Email address 
  3. Location, Address  

Sharing Your Vision & Story With Suppliers

You want to represent yourself and your story as a retailer; you want to build some great working relationships with wholesalers.  

You need to have visions for yourself and what you want to represent/what kind of retailer you want to represent, whether it be general retail, specialising in toys, health and beauty or groceries. Whatever it...

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Amazon FBA for Beginners: Retail Arbitrage VS Online Arbitrage VS Wholesale VS Private Label


What is Amazon FBA and What Do They Do? 

So, you have heard about Amazon fulfilment service, which is Amazon FBA – fulfilment by Amazon.  

This is where everyday people, like you and I, are able to ship thousands of products to Amazon fulfilment centres, where they are able to store our products, until you or I make a sale out on Amazon. 

Then, Amazon’s logistics will pick that product, get it shipped to your customer, to Amazon’s customer, the very next day, sometimes within the same day. 

Amazon’s reach now has turned into a multi-billion dollar/pound company, and that’s why people like you and I, take advantage of an amazing opportunity for us to build a business part-time that can go into full-time. 

The different business models on Amazon

You have got different business models out on amazon. These are as follows:

  • Retail Arbitrage...
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Is Amazon FBA (eCommerce) Success Possible Part Time?


If you are thinking of starting your Amazon FBA business or your eCommerce alongside a career, here are some big things to really think about and possibly take action on, and to then decide ultimately, what is the right career path for you.  

In this blog post, it will answer a great question below:

"Hi I am Nacer I live in the uk. I am 17 this march 2021 ,and I am in college studying health and social care to then become a paramedic which I love to do but on the other hand I would like to become in the eCommerce industry for pharmaceutical distribution. My question is that could you do eCommerce on side of a full time career? Thanks."

"Yes, success is possible but there will come a time to decide what you focus on long term" - Kev, Founder & Chief Executive Officer At Systemise Fulfilment Life Success Engineer

How We Started Our Amazon FBA Business In 2015?

You may just be leaving school, studying at college or studying at university; you may be...

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FBA Prep Service UK Reviews: What People Really Say About FBA Prep Service UK?


Here are FBA Prep Service UK Reviews from people that have used the service. All comments are taken directly from verified google reviews. 

Fernando Sanchez

I've been selling on Amazon FBA since April 2017, having tried different prep services across the UK I can say FBA Prep Service UK is BY FAR the best in the country.

Communication is extremely good, prices are really competitive and they have an amazing and motivated team working super hard every day.

They deeply understand the Amazon FBA policies and, rest assured, your products are correctly prepped following amazon standards. They even spot errors/potential issues with your products and notice you before sending, they've saved us from getting in trouble many times, that is simply invaluable.

I'm a platinum member and all my products are in and out under 24 hours! Imagine you buy on Monday, get delivered on Tuesday, prepped and shipped the same Tuesday and then available on amazon before Friday, sometimes Wednesday, the...

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