How to Make Your Business Easy to Sell


In this blog post, I am going to be talking about how you can sell your business, preparing your business to sell it, and as you build your business, how can you optimise it, so that you have a potential opportunity to sell it?

One of the first things which Kev learnt really early on, from his engineering days; systemising in engineering is all about engineering and outcome, which is mechanical, and the probability of success and failure can be designed in a way to give it the optimum potential to each the outcome.

Learn how to hire staff members here:

See From An Asset Point Of View

Kev had the same philosophy coming into business, where if you want to build a business, you have got to see it from an asset point of view, where you are building something which is an asset that you can potentially sell. That was the philosophy of how everything that Kev has done, every single moment and every single strategic move, Kev always had that in mind. 

Let me dig down deeper, and let...

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How NOT To Hire Staff? Big Hiring Staff MISTAKE Discussed


This blog post has been inspired by a couple of posts which we have seen across social medias in some communities and groups, which have specifically spoken about labour shortages, which have specifically spoken about how to attract talent into your business, as you are trying to build your team and build your business. And there has been so much conversation on what impact Brexit has had, what impact COVID-19 has had, the lockdowns, all the government support which has been given to people and businesses, and there have been some people who have been speaking about struggling to hire people, saying that there are people out there that may be too lazy or the government have been giving too much support, so why would people go back to work? There have been so many conversations going back and forth, but I wanted to specifically touch on something, which Kev has personally experienced as he has built his team and his business over the last 6 years, specifically when it comes to hiring...

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How To Manage Your Money? Pay Yourself First, Forget Everyone Else! THINK FINANCIAL FREEDOM!


In this blog post, you are going to learn to pay yourself first, and how you can manage your money. You may immediately thinking, who are you to tell me how to manage my money? And who are you to tell me to pay myself first? But hear me out. Kev went to the Millionaire seminar back in 2016, and it was a powerful seminar. And the first thing that they got to, was the money mindset, and everything around money. They first asked everyone, "who here pays themselves first?" You will work incredibly hard day by day, to then just pay off the taxes, the groceries, the milk - you will pay everyone first, to then just scrape all the stuff out the bottom. How great would it be to first pay yourself? People are always paying other people first. How about you take 10% of your income, and you put it into a financial freedom account? A financial account which is yours forever - you never let go of that money. It sounds good, right? In this blog post you are going to learn...

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Ultimate Success Formula To Achieving Your Goals & Resolutions (Tony Robbins 5 Steps)


In this blog post, I am going to be inspiring you to take action with the ultimate success formula. Kev has just learnt it, he has gone through it, and he has been introduced to it a few times. So I wanted to write this blog post, to make it available to you, because this is how you take action and this is how you be successful - this is the ultimate success formula. If you follow this 5 step formula, you will be successful. No doubt about it, you will be successful.

Know Your Outcome

What is it that you want to do? What is your goal? What is your dream? What is your vision? Be absolutely crystal clear on what your outcome is. Clarity is power. Know your outcome. If you want to lose weight, how much? If you want to be muscular, how muscular? Exactly how much? You want to start a business, what business? You want to make money, how much money? Know your outcome with absolute clarity. 

Take Action

It will work or it won't work. No matter what, you have worked out...

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How to Start Your Amazon FBA Business in the USA


In this blog post, we are going to be talking all about how to get started in your Amazon FBA business.

If Someone is Looking At Getting Started In Amazon FBA, What Are the Biggest Lessons and Advice Which You Could Receive?

Don't pile it all on at once. You don't need a glue tape dispenser, you don't need the fancy equipment, you only really need to start with the really simple things, for example, polybags. 

The same goes when it comes to employees, you need to gradually get there. It can be hard when you're in your basement and you are doing your own thing.

Is There Anything to be Aware of Specifically From a USA Perspective?

It is great if you are going from the UK to the US, because you gain a little lead. For example, the restock limits and the storage limits, the US got this, then it eventually was given to the UK. Similarly with the categories of essentials, if you recall back to 2020, the USA got this a couple of weeks ahead of everywhere else. 

If you have...

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How Can You Start A Business With No Money?


Honestly, if you are asking the question, "How do I start a business, or build a business with no or little money", then you are in the wrong place. The first action is to get a job. 

Get a Job

Building a business with no money, and if you have got a family, if you have got responsibilities, if you have got your house, bills and food to pay for, then you don't want to be starting a business with no money, and with no job. You need to get stability, you need to get that security, knowing that you have got some money coming in. If you are trying to build a business under stress, with anxiety, under pressure, then you are not going to be successful, because you are going to be focused on wrong thing, your focus will be on the money you are trying to get in every day.

Learn more here to see if you are ready to quit your job: 10 Considerations If You Are Going to Quit Your Job For Business

8 Considerations If you Are Going to Quit Your Job for Your Business


The real...

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Fulfilment By EBAY?!! Amazon FBA’s Competitor MUST Get This Right If They Are To Compete


Kev recently got an Instagram message from Shawn, who says this...

"Rumours ebay are going to copy amazon fba. You heard anything? And will you take part?"

So, in this blog post, we are going to explore the ideas of Amazon FBA's biggest competitors. Going off of what Shawn said, back in 2019, Kev remembers seeing an article from eBay, saying eBay are going to launch their fulfilment service - fulfilled by eBay.

Here is the link if you would like to read this: eBay Article

Kev remembers at the time, thinking that is what eBay need to do, because Amazon FBA completely changed the landscape as we know, over the last decade they have just continued to scale, scale and scale, because they have changed the industry. Being able to take control of seller's shipments, and seller's orders in-house, it allowed Amazon to build their infrastructure, to offer that same-day delivery and next-day delivery. Amazon FBA has completely revolutionised the industry. 

Amazon VS eBay

Back in...

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15 Steps to Systemise Your Entire Business


In this blog post I am going to share with you 15 steps on how to systemise your entire business, whether it is an online business or an offline business. This blog post is going to share with you exactly what you need to do every step of the way to systemise your entire operations, while you as the business owner, are fully in control. 

By the end of this blog post, you are going to know exactly the road ahead; you are going to know exactly what actions you need to take to ultimately systemise your business.

Why is it important to build?

Ultimately, it is all about the size of your business - it is all about your ambitions within your business. So that you can look up at the monster of a business you have created; this incredible streamlined, efficient machine which you have created. You can enjoy it, and you can enjoy knowing that your business is systemised, and everyone knows exactly what they are doing, because you have followed these principles. So, this is ultimately...

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How to Find a Mentor: 5 Tips


In this blog post, you are going to learn 5 tips on finding a mentor in your life. I am going to share with you how Kev found mentors in his life, and these 5 tips are actionable and practical, because Kev knows the true value in finding a mentor in your life. Mentors can impact you that much that they can change the destination of your life, and they could be the difference between achieving your goals, and not achieving your goals, depending on whether you have a good mentor or a bad mentor. 

So, I am going to share with you the 5 tips which Kev has, when it comes to finding a mentor that impacted Kev, and who he has practical experience with.

Find a Mentor Virtually

You should decide on a mentor, and follow them on their YouTube channel, their podcasts, their blog, and try and consume everything that you can around that mentor. You can do this virtually. We live in an incredible age today, where you can genuinely find a YouTube channel from a millionaire, a...

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Why A Prep Service May Be the Perfect Solution For Your Amazon Business


Lots of people consider a prep service, because a prep service allows you to save time, to save space, and you don't see all of the boxes, the filler and the materials etc.

Systemise Fulfilment

So I am creating this blog post for you, if you are potentially interested in a prep service this year, because we have had a lot of updates, and our experience with working with customers just keeps growing. Kev and Kylie, the business owners, have been on both sides - they have been sellers, and now they have had the pleasure of serving current partners. They always have new customers shipping.

Kev and Kylie have a membership system, which can ultimately help resellers. Originally we have just had the Gold and Platinum Package, but recently we have just added the Bronze and Silver Package.

Here at Systemise Fulfilment, we don't just pride ourselves as a prep service, we also offer additional bonuses and training. Your success is our success, and we would love to help you on your...

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