The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Purchasing Amazon FBA Guide


Kev calls this money hacks. This is you rinsing absolutely everything you possibly can from this online arbitrage business. In this blog post, I am going to share with you, exactly step by step all the different money hacks which you can introduce into your business, because you could be leaving money on the table. 

Since 2015, Kev has been building his Amazon business, to the point where he and Kylie were able to quit their jobs 6 months later, and then June 2016, they moved into a 2,000 SQ FT warehouse, and now have moved into a 10,000 SQ FT warehouse, where they now host events, take massive action, ship thousands upon thousands of products every single month, and each month they are shipping hundreds upon hundreds more. 

So, this is a multi-part blog post series, where we share with you, if you are interested in online arbitrage. 

This is now part 3. In the past 2 blog posts/videos, we have gone over the business model, the sourcing machine, and in this video, we...

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How to 10x Your Business with Virtual Assistants


Getting a virtual sourcing assistant in your online arbitrage business, can genuinely 10x your business. And by 10x your business, I mean 10x your business. 

Going back to 2015, when Kev first started his online arbitrage business - in the June, Kev started and by July/August, he got his sales up to around 6,500. Then, through using virtual assistants, and having a sourcing team, he passed 60,000. It takes a lot of hard work, grit, determination and massive action; however, virtual assistants can do this for you. 

Management Sheet

Here is an example of a sourcing management sheet, and this is something which Kev doesn't look at anymore, because he is extracted from the business. Kev has a senior virtual assistant, which comes in and reviews these products. 

Looking at the sheet, you can see how much we have sourced, how many winners there are, the target for the month, and you can see the average selling price. 

Within the sheet, you have the date, a reference,...

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The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Sourcing Amazon FBA Guide


In this blog post, we are going to be speaking about the ultimate money making, sourcing machine, which you can build in your online arbitrage (OA) business, because this is going to be the step by step walkthrough, with genuinely no steps skipped, exactly how you can build your online arbitrage (OA) machine.

Today, you can start to build your operations, so you can make a big difference in your life. You can potentially quit your job, you can make it out to a warehouse or a prep service, and you can have an online business - making money via Amazon FBA every single day to what ever level that you want. 

In 2015, Kev first started his business, and he started to build the exact same sourcing machine, which I am going to be talking about in this blog post. Then, I am going to go into detail, so that you will be able to see exactly what you need to do, because you want to make some money and we want to help you make some money! So, this is why we wanted to create this online...

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How to 4X Your Online Arbitrage Business with Sourcing Lists


In this blog post, I am going to explain to you why sourcing lists are a good thing and how they can 2, 3 or 4x your business. The goal behind this blog post is to answer deeply, the question which was asked in Kev's QnA video for Q1.

The question was this: What would you do if you started again? Would you go sourcing lists? Virtual assistants (VA)? Or would you go for tactical arbitrage (TA)? 

Kev's answer to this was, he would immediately start with sourcing list services, and he would sign up for anything he could, trial them all, and he would pick out the best one he could and stick with it. 

Here is an example of a sourcing list:

Within our packages, we have sourcing lists.

Here is the link for if you are interested in joining:

Read until the end to learn more about this!

Why Are Sourcing Lists Important?

For most people, sourcing can be super frustrating, and most people don't enjoy doing it. Not just this, it...

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Online Arbitrage Business Overview Best Tips


Online arbitrage has changed a lot over the past few years. Because of this, I wanted to create a multi-part video series for you, if you are interested in online arbitrage, whether you are just a beginner, whether you are intermediate and have just got going, or whether you are advanced and taking massive action in your business. You may have even quit your job, then this is going to be the perfect series for you, because what we are going to do is create and go through this business model, from start to ultimately 7 figures in your business.

Kev started his business in June 2015. He first started with online arbitrage, and did pretty much what you did, where he went all in learning everything he possibly could, stumbling his way through trying to make things happen. Kev scaled his way up to around 6 figures within 6 months and quit his job in electrical engineering, after getting a degree.

Kev and his partner got themselves out into a warehouse 6 months later, and since then, they...

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4 Steps to Build a 6 Figure Brand


4 Steps to Build a 6 Figure Brand 

Building a brand can allow you to have that freedom, where if you wanted to, you could travel and if you are interested in different cultures, you can go out and explore them, because you are building a brand online, you are building an asset for you, for as long as you have internet connection and maybe a laptop or mobile phone, you can travel anywhere that you want. So, this blog will discuss the 4 steps that you need to take to build your own brand online.  

1 – Niche  

The first step that you need to take is deciding your niche. What is it that you want to work on? You cannot be too broad; you must narrow it down into a niche. For exampleif you are passionate about health, then you must narrow it down to a niche inside of health.  

You must be passionate about what you are talking about. If you are passionate about what you do, then it does...

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Amazon FBA Wholesale for Beginners STEP BY STEP Full Course


Amazon FBA Business Models 10 Year Outlook 

Phase One 

The first business model, the first phase in any eCommerce business on Amazon, is getting started with online arbitrage or retail arbitrage. These two are the lowest regarding difficulty and protection, which is why it is much easier to learn and make mistakes in these two business models, because it may not have a disastrous impact on your business.  

For example, if you are only just getting started with retail and online arbitrage, you are going to learn a lot of the basics such as what is a winning product, what tools you need and how to analyse keeperPhase one is all about what the milestones are in your life and your business. 

If you would like to learn more about online arbitrage, then press on the link:
Online Arbitrage For Beginners STEP BY STEP Full Course Part 1: Amazon FBA Business Overview

Here Kev goes through in...

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Wholesale on Amazon FBA for Beginners: When to Start? How to Start?



This blog post will share talking all things wholesale in your Amazon FBA business, specifically answering the questions, when to start wholesale and how to start wholesale.  

This blog post is for those who are potentially wanting to get started in wholesale, and if you have never sold in your Amazon FBA wholesale before, this is going to give you some great advice and tips that Kev has personally learnt over the past nearly 6 years building his Amazon FBA business.  

When Should You Start Wholesale in Your Amazon FBA Business? 

The quick and straightforward answer to this question is immediately – start wholesale as soon as you can. It all ultimately comes down to what your goals are. What are your goals? Is your goal your Amazon FBA business to be your business, where you can build it into an asset for you to maybe gain some freedom and quit your job and to be able to build a team?  

check out our...

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8 Considerations If you Are Going to Quit Your Job for Your Business



In this blog, I am going to share with you 8 considerations which you need to think about, which you need to take time on to answer in your life, if you are considering quitting your job. If you are thinking about quitting your job for entrepreneurship and self-employment, these 10 things come from real life experience. I am going to be open, honest and raw with you in this video, we’re going to talk about the emotional rollercoaster which you are going to go through. I am going to talk about the real implications in real life that you are going to go through and ultimately my goal is to give you guidance on real life.

Wherever you are now, you may have a house to pay for, a family and you may have people around you who depend on you. This is a real adult decision, which you will have to come to. And if you want to be successful long-term in your business, then you are going to have to take that leap eventually. There is no way around it.

There Will Never be a Perfect...

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10 Hard Truths Why People Fail with Online Arbitrage


Nobody likes listening to hard truths, especially when they are negative. But, the truth is that everyone who starts online arbitrage, ends up being successful and there are reasons why people go into this business model and end up failing. So, in this blog we will be honest and cover truthfully 10 reasons why people fail online arbitrage and not hold anything back. Hopefully, when you get to the end of the blog post, you will be able to do a reflection of your own business in your own mind and hopefully avoid these things.

1 – False Expectations  

This is the biggest reason why people fail with online arbitrage. The biggest reason why people fail with this is because they go into the business model with the false expectation that it is going to be an easy ride, and that it is going to be easy to find profitable items to sell. The truth is everybody who starts online arbitrage and pushes through those beginning months will have to go through...

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