Kev's Honest Thoughts On Amazon FBA in 2021


In this blog post, I am going to share with you Kev's honest thoughts on Amazon FBA in 2021. This will be applicable to you, if you are in phase 1 of your journey, where you are just getting started, or you have only just got started, and you are looking at really taking this opportunity and taking your life and business to the next level, where you are able to quit your job. Or, you are in phase 2 of your journey, which means that you are more of a seasoned seller - you have maybe been selling for many months, or even years at this point, and you have got team members, or you are looking at adding team members - you are looking at structuring your business systemising your business, putting management processes in place - this blog post will just share with you Kev's general thoughts.

Expect the Unexpected 

Kev has experienced quite a lot over the past few years, since 2015, every year there has been many changes, there has been many different policies, there has been a lot of...

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How To Outsource Purchasing In Your Online Arbitrage Business


The goal of this blog post is to help you outsource your online arbitrage purchasing. We are going to go through the 3 phases on how to do this confidently, to do this safety, and to give you the certainty and clarity that you are going to be protected, and that your business will be able to scale to the next level. 

I'm not just going to share with you the nuts and bolts, the strategies on how to do this, or the step by step on how to do this, but I am also going to go underneath the surface, too - I am going to share with you, some of the personal challenges Kev had, from a phycology point of view, what prevented Kev from outsourcing purchasing for eight months back in 2016, when Kev was doing for the very first time and Kev was doing everything himself with his team and experienced all of this.

So, this blog post is going to be fantastic for you if you are interested in outsourcing purchasing.

Major Systems In Online Arbitrage

In your online arbitrage business, you need need...

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Kev's 21 Highest ROI Habits To Become A Millionaire


In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you, Kev's highest ROI habits. There are going to be 21 actions which I am going to share with you in this blog post, which you can take massive action on, which will help you in your journey.

So, let's start.

1. Goal Setting & Ultimate Visions 

Before 2015, Kev never really set goals in his life. Kev always had traditional goals in his life, like doing well in his career, having a loving and healthy family, and going on holidays. But, he never had any other types of goals - he never really explored goal setting. One of the reasons for this is growing up, not having any luxuries or any money, Kev came from a council estate, he started having limiting beliefs and ideas of the world of what you can and can't do. 

You should set ultimate goals and ultimate visions of what you want to achieve in life. Forget the circumstances, the resources and where you are from, we all start at different situations, and we all have...

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How to Outsource Your Purchasing In Online Arbitrage


In this blog post, I am going to do a follow up to Kev's YouTube video, "How to Outsource Your Purchasing In Online Arbitrage".

If you haven't seen this, please watch below.

And this is specifically answering some of the questions and comments, which came on that video. This video had some great comments and some great questions, which is why I am going to go through them in this post. So, let's get into it.


The first comment was from Erkan, and he said this, "I will be promoting my sourcing VA to purchasing manager as I already trust her. I am just worried she will be overwhelmed with sourcing and then purchasing the deals at the end of the day"


This is a great topic to do with purchasing.

So, when you think of purchasing, this is the make or break of your online arbitrage business, one of the fundamental requirements that we have in terms of confidence and competence, is quality control. This is the quality control on what you are actually purchasing, and what you...

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How to Find the Right Warehouse


In this blog post, I am going to share with you, how to find an Amazon FBA or eCommerce warehouse for your business. 

This is part 3 of a multi-part training series, where we have covered everything we need to think about and consider - some warehouse success principles, as well as some pre-warehouse considerations. This part is going to be about finding that right warehouse for you, then ultimately committing. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the things which Kev and Kylie have learnt over the past 6 years, doing two warehouse moves; the first warehouse move was back in 2016, where they found their first 2,000 SQ FT warehouse - I am going to share with you some tips on how Kev and Kylie were actually able to find this and ultimately commit to it. Then, more recently, Kev and Kylie moved from that 2,000 SQ FT warehouse, to the warehouse they are in currently, 10,000 SQ FT warehouse, and they went through and learnt the same sort of processes.

So, this is...

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Reseller Warehouse


In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you 10 pre-warehouse vital considerations, which you are going to want to consider in your own journey, before committing your business to a warehouse. This follows on from the last part of the warehouse series, so if you haven't read that yet, please do here: 11 Warehouse Success Principles. Or watch the video here: 

Now, Let's jump into this with the 10 pre- warehouse vital considerations...

Are You Ready For a Warehouse?

The first consideration before you go into the warehouse is: Are you ready for a warehouse in the first place? Are you ready to make that leap? 

This is all to do with the business you have currently, the operations that you have, and the financial management systems which you have currently got. So, you have some results in your business and you are managing your eCommerce business, your Amazon FBA business, where you have got some consistency in the results you have got. Through the financial...

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11 Warehouse Success Principles


 In this blog post, I am going to be talking about 11 warehouse success principles. Things you should keep in mind when you are thinking about outsourcing to a warehouse, and things you should be wary of, so that you don't stumble across anything which could potentially hurt your business.

Proven Level of Success

If you have got yourself out into a warehouse, or if you are thinking of getting yourself out into a warehouse, it is a big step. You are going to be going out into a property, going into a warehouse which has a lot of complexities. Everything from financials to staff to health and safety - there are a lot of things going on. Before you get to this point, you want to have some level of strategic and foundational success. This means that what you have been doing has actually been more strategic and you have got some purposeful results in your business, so you are not a beginner. 

Even before you expand out into a warehouse, you would have already had some level of...

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The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Case Study Post


//In this blog post, you are going to learn a £184, 529 Q4 100% Systemised Masterplan.

This is a deep dive case study of how Kev and Kylie were able to sell over 15, 612 units in a period of 3 months. And I am going to share with you absolutely everything they did in order to achieve this. 

This is the 5th part of the Ultimate Online Arbitrage series. So, if you have missed the past 4 parts, click the link below to read or watch!

Online Arbitrage Business Overview Best Tips

The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Shipping Amazon FBA Guide

 The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Purchasing Amazon FBA Guide

The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Sourcing Amazon FBA Guide

 In this part, you are going to learn everything from recruiting new team members, what the team and structure looks like - you are going to learn absolutely everything from the quantum leaps we made, those significant actions which we took in our operations which allowed us to go to that next level. I am going to share...

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How To Build Systems In Your Business


One of the first things Kev asked himself back in 2015 was: "How are big businesses, organisations and cooperations able to operate at scale?" "How are they able to have genuinely 10s of thousands of employees?"

It was one of the questions, which really made Kev get thinking about, if one day he had a business which is operating at scale, how is this actually going to be achievable? And one of the things Kev started to really think about was, when he starts to hire one team member, he can spend time with that member, and he can help that team member develop, grow, teach, learn and develop their expertise and their experience and competence. But, what happens if he then has 10 team members? Is Kev going to be able to spend all the time and hours trying to teach individuals and team members on how to do a specific task. And that's when Kev learnt the biggest takeaway, which I am going to share with you in this blog post. This is, we as business owners and entrepreneurs, we don't...

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The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Shipping Amazon FBA Guide


In this blog post, we are going to embark on the most epic adventure, because we are talking all things from shipping to Amazon fulfilment centres, and everything you need to know from boxes, to pallets, to materials, the resources and everything step by step in a sequence, which allows you to learn everything you need to know about shipping hundreds of thousands of units to Amazon's fulfilment centres every single month. And throughout this blog post, I am going to share with you absolutely everything which Kev and Kylie have learned in their journey since 2015, when Kev and Kylie first started their business. 

This is the 4th part of The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Guide and if you haven't checked out the past 3 parts, then make sure you definitely do!

Watch below if you are interested! 

Online Arbitrage Business Overview Best Tips

The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Sourcing Amazon FBA Guide

The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Purchasing Amazon FBA Guide


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